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Turing Announces the Launch of Turing Services

By March 27, 2023 5 min read

Today, every company is a software company, whether they realize it or not. But unfortunately, the traditional IT services model wasn’t built for a software-first world. Why? Well, traditional IT services mean three things:

1. slow response

2. shallow vetting

3. compromise on the best solution for your business.

Owing to these challenges, companies worldwide are looking for alternatives to IT service firms that can meet their software-driven needs. 

What if your IT services were powered by a software-driven Talent Cloud? 

Enter the new standard in tech services for your business, powered by the Talent Cloud: Turing Services.

What are Turing Services?

Turing Services deliver ideal solutions for your unique technical needs, challenges, and requirements building a comprehensive solution strategy. Our engineering experts from the world’s leading software companies bring modern software development methodology to your business. 

We offer 20+ unique technology services across AI, cloud, and application engineering—with solutions delivered and run by deeply vetted tech experts from the Talent Cloud. 

Developed over several years, you can expect deep technical expertise and the delivery of complex solutions that perfectly fit your business needs.

Turing Services can plan, deliver, and manage technology projects and programs across several technical domains. In addition, you can enjoy complete, dedicated development teams or scale your existing teams with the needed technical expertise, “on-demand” thanks to the quality, speed, and efficiency of our Talent Cloud. 

How can Turing Services help you?

Conventional technology services are unable to meet the speed, quality, and efficiency requirements of today’s fiercely competitive business landscape. This shortfall has been further catalyzed by cutbacks, budgetary constraints, and the incessant shortage of high-caliber tech talent.

Turing Services offers a sophisticated, modern-age approach that combines the unmatched speed and quality of our AI-powered Talent Cloud with the practical expertise of our solutions experts, who have a proven track record of scaling some of today’s most iconic technology companies. Today, 400+ top companies, including several from Fortune 500 trust Turing for its services. Here’s why.

  1. Quality: Turing’s Talent Cloud is home to 50,000+ deeply vetted developers and engineers to meet your business needs and goals. We use 20,000+ ML data signals including job descriptions, vetted skills, past experience, and interviews to secure the right people for your team.

    As a result, our AI-powered vetting is more rigorous and reliable than traditional recruiting. Our focus on quality has earned us partner status with all three major cloud service providers: AWS, GCP, and Azure.

  2. Speed: We use AI algorithms to assemble the right team to deliver specific services at the push of a button. Worry less about the team and the solution, because we take care of it for you. 

    Our speed is driven by a massive pool of 3M+ technology experts. With 50k vetted and available right now—across a variety of roles, skills, and experience levels.

  3. Efficiency: Turing developers and engineers are available full-time and more efficient than hiring in-house. You can scale your teams up or down and only pay for the resources you use. The best part? You don’t have to worry about any hidden cost of hiring a software development team

In other words, Turing Services offers unparalleled industry and technology knowledge, and a global expert workforce, for your complex technology needs. But how does Turing deliver the ideal experience for IT services each time? How does Turing Services successfully plan, deliver, and manage technology projects and programs across several technical domains?

Introducing the IDR framework. 

What is Turing’s IDR framework?

Our engineering experts have honed the best practices learned from 20+ years of experience into the IDR (Imagine, Deliver, Run) framework. 

The IDR framework provides complete, end-to-end solutions in the uptake, implementation, and management of AI, cloud computing, and application engineering, tailored to meet the tech talent and innovation demands of modern enterprises. Here’s how Turing’s IDR framework provides you with the ideal services experience. 

  • Imagine

    This is the planning and strategy stage where Turing understands your business goals and challenges, then helps envision the solution.

    At this step, services include consulting, advisory, market research, feasibility studies, technology-to-business mapping analysis.  
  • Deliver

    As a part of this implementation and delivery stage, Turing designs, builds, and deploys the agreed-upon solutions.

    This step includes services like software development and deployment, systems integration, Infrastructure setup, testing, among others. 
  • Run

    As a part of the last stage, i.e., the execution management and support stage, Turing provides maintenance, support, and optimization of the deployed solutions.

    Services include service delivery and management, performance monitoring, capacity planning and management, change management, problem management, and more. 

Turing Services offered

Turing Services provides a framework for solution success across the following areas. Let’s look at them one by one.  

  1. AI Services

    Let our in-house engineering experts make AI implementation successful for your business.

    How can Turing’s AI Services help you?

    Turing AI Services are built by engineering experts from some of the most successful Silicon Valley firms like Google, Meta, Microsoft, LinkedIn, and more to have ever implemented AI at scale.

    We use our AI experience to help clients convert their data into business value across various industries—deploying AI technologies around NLP, computer vision, and text processing. Our clients have realized the significant value in their supply chain management (SCM), pricing, product bundling and development, and personalization and recommendations capabilities among many others with our AI services.

    Power your AI projects with our expertise. 
  2. Cloud Services

    As a part of the Cloud Services, our experts and the Talent Cloud build, operate, manage, and maintain your optimal cloud environment.

    How can Turing’s Cloud Services help you?

    Turing gives you sustainable, scalable cloud solutions fast and on demand.

    Our experts can accelerate your business growth and innovation by driving agility, enhancing operational efficiency, and ensuring performance and security—no matter what cloud you use.

    Turing gives you access to quality, experienced Cloud experts who imagine unique cloud solutions for you across all three major cloud service providers: AWS, GCP, and Azure. As a cloud-agnostic solutions provider, we’re equipped to deliver an ideal solution every time. With Turing Cloud Services, you’ll enjoy the highest level of flexibility and efficiency to solve your biggest cloud computing challenges.

    Make your ideal cloud environment a reality with our Cloud Services. Also, read: Navigating the Cloud Migration Process: A Step-by-Step Guide to Successful Cloud Adoption
  3. Application Engineering Services

    Produce your ideal application with the help of Turing experts and the Talent Cloud design and prototype.

    How can Turing’s Application Engineering Services help you?

    Our team of application engineering experts will enhance your application or application development environment through a well-defined architecture, process transformation, and innovation.

    As a result, you get an adaptive build every time. With Turing Application Engineering Services, you’ll enjoy the highest level of flexibility and efficiency to solve your toughest technical challenges. Most importantly, you will get sustainable, scalable application solutions fast and on demand.

    Build applications as resilient as your business with our Application Engineering Services. 

A brief overview of Turing’s AI Services, Cloud Services, and Application Engineering Services

Overview of Turing’s AI Services, Cloud Services, and Application Engineering Services

Turing’s AI, Cloud, and Application Engineering Services

Final words

Traditional services are over. It’s time you switched to the Talent Cloud. 

Turing Services represents a significant advancement over antiquated service models and a new age in tech consulting. Regardless of your needed services, we’ll engage the tech leads, developers, and others necessary for your business outcome. Thanks to our AI-powered Talent Cloud and years of proven experience delivering quality services, you can enjoy speed and transparency with comprehensive governance and controls. 

Visit the Turing Services page to learn more. 

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Turing Services Offer AI Services, Cloud Services, & More
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Turing Services Offer AI Services, Cloud Services, & More
Turing offers 20+ unique technology solutions across AI services, cloud services, and application engineering services delivered by deeply vetted tech experts.

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