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Turing Leaders Explain How They Built the World’s Most-Advanced Vetting and Matching System

By March 16, 2021 2 min read

The fourth and final session of the Turing Boundaryless: #BuildFromAnywhere conference saw an all-Turing exec team explaining how they built the world’s most-advanced vetting and matching system to match developers from across the globe with top Silicon Valley opportunities.

The speakers for this session included co-founder and CTO Vijay Krishnan, VP of engineering Zan Doan, senior growth product manager Chul Kwon, and senior product manager Alex Sung.

Describing the reason behind the consistent increase in the number of customers demanding Turing developers, Vijay said: “The reasons are threefold—intelligent vetting, speed of hiring, and scalable quality control.”

The panelists also shed light on several other innovative Turing products generating significant value for both companies and developers.

Zan told the audience how Turing uses the lessons from Facebook, Google, Uber, and other top engineering organizations to produce an intelligent vetting engine. 

He said: “At Turing, we cover all important vetting areas that help us to vet great engineers.” 

“We created more than 100 automated assessments that not only cover the vetting standards followed in the Bay Area but also assess other critical aspects of an engineer,” Zan added.

Zan also explained how Turing’s intelligent management system addresses the three main concerns relating to remote work—communication, performance, and management.

He said: “For communication, we have daily standups, bi-weekly 1-on-1s and time zone overlap; for performance and productivity tracker, we have performance reviews, Turing virtual machines; and for ease of management, we have payments, contracts, and billing security.”

During his demo, Chul helped the audience understand how Turing’s automated seniority assessment test, algorithm coding interview, and automated vetting flows help companies hire top engineers in days rather than weeks. 

“By leveraging data science, we have reduced vetting time to just six hours. Radically reduced vetting time means you can have the world’s best engineers, not in sixty days but less than a week. The purpose of Turing is to help you get your dream engineers on-demand,” Chul said.

Next, Alex decoded Turing’s deep developer profile with a crisp and clear presentation. “Turing developer profiles are detailed, comprehensive, continuously updating, representations of our developers. They only show validated skills, and on-the-job performance data enrich them,” he said.

Alex also spoke about the Turing Workspace and the Turing Virtual Machine’s importance in managing remote talent efficiently and keeping firms’ code safe, respectively.

In the end, Vijay explained the data science and machine learning efforts at Turing and how they helped the company in building deep developer profiles, powering its vetting process, and sourcing from a wider developer pool.

The session helped the audience understand Turing’s ‘deep jobs’ platform better and how it helps companies find the best remote developers across skills with the push of a button.

The guest list for the Turing Boundaryless: #BuildFromAnywhere conference included Darren Murph, Head of Remote, GitLab; Pravin Desale, SVP of SDS and Appliances, Veritas; Suneela Joshi, Sr. Director of Engineering, Abbott Laboratories; Chris Herd, CEO, Firstbase; Anna Chukaeva, Co-Founder / COO, Carta Healthcare; Job van der Voort, CEO,; Henrik Hussfelt, Director of Engineering, Proxy; Andy O’Dower, Veteran Product Engineering Leader, Former Head of Product, and Alex Bouaziz, CEO, Deel among others.

All the sessions of the event are now streaming on YouTube. Head over to Turing’s YouTube channel and let us know what you liked the most about each session in the comment section.


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Turing Leaders Explain How They Built the World's Most-Advanced Vetting and Matching System
Article Name
Turing Leaders Explain How They Built the World's Most-Advanced Vetting and Matching System
Turing's Vijay Krishnan, Zan Doan, Chul Kwon, and Alex Sung explain the science behind the world's most-advanced vetting and matching system.

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