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Turing’s Boundaryless Product Event – Fall Edition

By October 12, 2020 3 min read

Turing’s Boundaryless Product Event – Fall Edition

Save the Date: Thursday, October 15th, 11 AM – 2 PM PT   (Join and/or RSVP here)

This Thursday, Turing not only introduces you to exciting new product innovations, but also brings together top remote-work experts and advocates in the inaugural Turing Boundaryless Product Event. Over the course of the virtual event, learn how remote-distributed teams can turbo-charge your development, increase your runway, reduce fixed costs, and make your company more attractive to investors. Additionally, the event will allow you to:

  • Hear from scaling experts that have built world-leading products with remote teams. 
  • See the latest product innovations from Turing, the company building AWS for talent. 
  • Learn about the Future of Work with Ting Cai, formerly of Microsoft and now, Senior Director at Google

Please join Turing CEO, Jonathan Siddharth as well as special guests:

Registration and access to the event is free of charge — please RSVP and/or join us here.

Schedule of events:

Turing Product Launch Demo (11am – 11:45am) by Turing CEO and Co-Founder Jonathan Siddharth

Have a first look at Turing’s exciting new product innovations. See how hiring and managing Silicon Valley-caliber engineers can now be faster and easier than ever before.

Panel Discussion: Scaling with Remote Teams (11:45am – 12:25pm)  — by Prakash Gupta with, Dennis Payonk, and Richard Hong

Hear from current customers about their experience building engineering teams on top of Turing. Learn remote work best practices, how to avoid common mistakes, and more.

Fireside Chat with Ting Cai of Google, Ashu Garg of Foundation Capital, and Turing Co-Founder and CEO, Jonathan Siddharth on the Future of Remote Work (12:30pm – 1:30pm)

Join Jonathan Siddharth, Turing’s CEO and Co-Founder, Ashu Garg of Foundation Capital, and Ting Cai, formerly of Microsoft and now, Senior Director at Google, in a lively discussion about the future of work, moderated by TechCrunch reporter, Ingrid Lunden.

Turing Developer Stories — Building Great Products while Changing Lives (1:30pm – 2pm)

See first-hand how Turing changes the course of developers’ lives worldwide while helping customers scale engineering teams quickly, even amid a global pandemic.

Register for free here

Jonathan Siddarth, CEO & Co-Founder, Turing

Prakash Gupta, Founding CRO, Turing

Ting Cai, Senior Director at Google

Ashu Garg, GP, Foundation Capital Ashu Garg, GP, Foundation Capital

Richard Hong, Co-Founder at Pangaea

Dennis Payonk, VP of Engineering at VillageMD

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