Turing jobs Working in Silicon Valley at 20 is no small feat!

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Working in Silicon Valley at 20 Is No Small Feat!

By July 18, 2022 3 min read

Meet Jeremy, one of our youngest professionals working at Turing. 

At only 20 years old, he’s working in Silicon Valley with a Turing customer. Jeremy is passionate about coding and sharing his love for his profession. He shared his story and tips to help software developers boost their careers!

Turing jobs

Life before Turing jobs

“I was 17 when I started coding professionally.  You must do an internship in the Dominican Republic once you finish high school.  When I started considering learning professionally, the coding community I was participating in offered me an internship and then said: “Yep, we want to keep you” After that, I created a LinkedIn account because I saw other teammates [doing it.] A year later, because of LinkedIn, I started networking, and the founder of another company working for an American client contacted me to join them. It was probably my first interview, and it went great,” he explains.

Network. Network. Network.

From a very young age, Jeremy has learned the value of networking. He says: 

“People should network. Share what they are doing, share what they’re learning and try to help others on their way. I believe this is important because it opens several doors for you and helps you learn more. When you can explain something, you have greater chances of understanding the fundamentals of that topic.”

Leverage social media

“The idea that got me started was the following: I should not use my development skills only for a job. I’d still get the job and work on some cool projects, but I’d also help others do the same. That’s what I decided to do. I shared my journey, the things I’m learning, the things I want to learn, some tips, and some suggestions, on Twitter. I am just starting there, I barely have like 400 followers, but every day I get messages from people asking me questions,” Jeremy smiles.

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“And I have met many people [sharing great content on] their own Twitter handles. So I suggest skilled senior developers teach people to do some stuff with what they know. It will be rewarding. And he adds: I remember one YouTuber that helped me learn technical skills, like variant structures and algorithms that I used for the Turing interview, and now we both follow each other on Twitter. That was amazing for me. “

He advises sharing content on social media with the goal of networking: “Try to find something that you think you’ll like best. In my case, it was Twitter because I thought of simplicity since I already have a job. I wanted something that allowed me to provide content without risking anything else. Find something that resonates with you and just start doing it.”

Consistency is everything

“I do like to say that, in the beginning, quantity is more important than quality. The more you do, the more you practice. That is when the quality comes in. If you’re planning to do it, just start. It doesn’t matter if the content is not very good at the beginning. If you continue practicing, it will get better,” Jeremy concludes.

You can check out Jeremy’s LinkedIn and Twitter handles for more updates!

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Turing Jobs: Jeremy, Our Youngest Software Developer at 20
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Turing Jobs: Jeremy, Our Youngest Software Developer at 20
When we say Turing jobs are boundaryless, we mean it! Take a look at Jeremy's journey with Turing as our youngest software developer. He's just 20 years old.

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