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Turing Community Announces the Power of Productivity Workshop

By May 17, 2022 2 min read

Remote work is no longer the future of employment; it is the present. Several studies have shown that employees who work from home are more productive and engaged, have a better work-life balance, and help employers save infrastructure costs.

But while remote work sounds empowering, it comes with certain challenges. And so, remote workers need to find ways to stay productive and stoke motivation.

Keeping in mind these challenges, the Turing Community is organizing an exclusive workshop under its Soft Skills Program for Senior Developers. This workshop will cover the best productivity tips and tools for aiding remote work. 

What will the workshop include?

Writing good code is the cornerstone of every developer’s technical acumen. However, engaging in meaningful interactions and building solid professional ties with coworkers are also equally important.

And so, the Power of Productivity workshop will help developers acquire new soft skills, boost their remote work performance, and build a solid communication network while working remotely. 

The workshop will give you answers to the following questions: 

  • How to face the main remote work challenges?
  • How to identify and eliminate action faking? 
  • How to plan your day to get more things done?
  • How to use modern tools to boost your productivity and the quality of your deliverables?

Who will host the workshop? 

Mudit Yadav will lead the Power of Productivity workshop. Mudit is a Chartered Accountant, CFA Charterholder, and ex-strategy consultant.

Mudit Yadav is a globally recognized success coach, awarded the title of ‘Millennial Coach of the year’ at the World HRD Congress 2019. He has spoken to more than 415,000 people from over 48 countries and at multiple TEDx events. 

In addition, Mudit has authored a book: Be Invincible – The mindset, skills, and habits for sustainable growth and success. 

Who should attend this workshop? 

All remote developers are welcome to join this workshop. 

How can you attend the workshop?

The workshop will take place on the following date and time:

Thursday, May 19 

07:00 AM (PDT)

Here’s how you can join the session:

  1. Visit the Turing Community page and register for the event. 
  2. Attend the event on May 19, 2022. 
  3. That’s it!

The registration process is entirely free and open to developers. 

To sum up

The Turing Community offers software developers and engineers the opportunity to learn new skills and grow in their careers. 

The upcoming productivity workshop will motivate and enable software developers and engineers to improve their remote work performance. So if you’re a software developer looking to supercharge your career, register for the workshop today!

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Turing Community Announces the Power of Productivity Workshop for Remote Work
Article Name
Turing Community Announces the Power of Productivity Workshop for Remote Work
The Power of Productivity workshop will help developers resolve remote work challenges, acquire new soft skills, and build a solid communication network while..
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