How Top Companies Hire Technical Talent

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Turing Community Announces Panel Discussion: How Top Companies Hire Technical Talent

By August 23, 2022 3 min read

What makes top tech companies tick? Their world-class technical talent base, of course! These tech giants have effective processes to attract, recruit, and retain the best talent. But there’s an apparent shortage of exceptional talent, and to acquire that talent, companies are ready to pay more and offer the flexibility to work from anywhere.  

However, because the talent picked is world-class, the selection ratio from the total number of applications can be remarkably small. For example, at Google, only 1 in 130-150 applicants get through—that’s 0.7 percent. The success rate at companies like Apple and Facebook is equally low

So, what do these companies look for? How do they select the best technical talent? What processes do they have in place? How do you get your foot in the door at these companies? These questions worry developers looking for jobs at these companies.

To address these questions, Turing Community is organizing a panel discussion on “How Top Companies Hire Technical Talent” on Aug 29, 2022. In this panel discussion, tech leaders and seasoned hiring managers will reveal what top companies look for when hiring technical employees.

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What is this panel discussion about?

Recruiting techniques vary across companies, making the application process feel like a moving target to developers.

Coping with these varying requirements can be exhausting on two levels. First, it is difficult to identify what each company looks for, and second, it is excruciating to prepare from scratch for each interview. 

To address these issues, Turing Community has invited top recruiters and seasoned hiring managers for a panel discussion to decode what top companies want in candidates. They will give you an inside look into the recruiting and onboarding process.

What’s in it for you? 

Have you come across a job opportunity at a top tech company but didn’t apply because you weren’t sure whether you fit the bill? Were you unsure of their recruitment and interviewing process? If so, this panel discussion on “How Top Companies Hire Technical Talent” will definitely help you.

Here’s what you can take away from this panel discussion:

  • Key insights on what hiring managers want from top candidates
  • Essential soft skills for interviews
  • Tips on how to ace technical interviews
  • Real-time interview question feedback from seasoned hiring managers
  • Turing’s insights on hiring developers

Who will be there at the fireside chat?

Mimi Zheng, Enterprise Sales Director, Turing, and Caitlin Cardoza, FSS Sales Director, Turing, will speak at the fireside chat before the panel discussion. 

Who will be there at the panel discussion? 

The panelists include:

Ritesh Rajani

Ritesh is a Lead AI and Data Engineer at a leading U.S. retailer. He has almost two decades of experience, including software engineering expertise in Retail Data Science and IoT. He has worked as an HR DEI Practitioner and has co-founded D&I Consulting. 

Hernan Mogollón

Hernan is a Turing developer at Rivian. He enjoys software maintenance and inspires his team for Test-Driven Development (TDD). With more than 11 years of experience, he is also a Team Lead at Rivian.

Elohor Thomas

Elohor is the CEO and co-founder of CodeLn. She has more than 11 years of experience in software engineering, tech recruitment, education, and sales. She helps companies hire ideal programmers and guides programmers to find their dream jobs. 

Who should attend this panel discussion?

All developers looking to find a job at leading tech companies would benefit from this panel discussion. 

How can you attend this panel discussion? 

The event will start on the following date and time:

  • Monday, Aug 29, 2022
  • 09:30 AM (PDT)

You can sign up for the panel in a few easy steps:

Go to 

  • Click on “Login to RSVP”
    • If you have already registered with Turing Community, log in with your registered email address and password. 
    • If you are new to Turing Community, click on “Create an account” and register. Then RSVP using the link above. 
  • That’s it!

PS: This event is free and open to all developers. 

To sum up

The Turing Community offers software developers and engineers the opportunity to learn new skills and grow their careers.

The upcoming panel discussion, “How Top Companies Hire Technical Talent,” will arm you with essential tips and tricks to confidently face your next interview. If you’re a developer who’s ready to shift your software development career into high gear, register for the panel discussion today!

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 Panel Discussion: How Top Companies Hire Technical Talent
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Panel Discussion: How Top Companies Hire Technical Talent
Attend the panel discussion on “How Top Companies Hire Technical Talent” to learn what companies want from prospective technical employees.
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