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Turing Community Announces Jump Start for React and Java Developers!

By May 3, 2022 3 min read

A developer’s journey is challenging, especially if traveling solo. Whether you’re a newbie switching career paths or a veteran improving your existing skills, having a supportive network goes a long way!

Turing.com launched the Turing Community back in February 2022. The Turing Community empowers developers to share knowledge, discuss and overcome challenges, and benefit from fantastic networking opportunities.

And to push this initiative further and help React and Java developers globally, the Turing Developer Community is hosting Jump Start on May 5, 2022. 

What is Jump Start? 

Jump Start is a live, guided event conducted by Turing experts to help developers complete Turing’s vetting process. The upcoming Jump Start session will include hands-on sessions on Turing’s tests and coding challenges, technical interviews, and interview preparation tips for React and Java developers. With Jump Start, developers can boost the chances of landing their dream jobs with top US software companies. 

Why should you attend Jump Start?

Jump Start offers a range of benefits to developers. Here are a few: 

  • Hands-on coding challenges and tests

The coding challenges provide an opportunity to analyze your skills and proficiency. However, these tests can be a little stressful at times. And thus, Jump Start will help you clarify all your doubts regarding the live coding challenges and tests, and teach you how to perform better at these tests. 

  • Profile and resume improvement tips

Writing a powerful resume has never been easy. So, at Jump Start, you will receive practical tips to build your resume and portfolio to make a solid impression on employers. You can use these tips to improve your profile and stand out among other applicants. 

  • Expert guidance and support

Turing’s vetting process includes several stages. And thus, it’s natural for developers to feel overwhelmed. The Jump Start session will consist of a panel of experts who will personally help you understand the vetting steps and guide you through the entire vetting process.

What will Jump Start include?

    1. Turing vetting process overview: Learn about the Custom Vetting Flow. 
    2. MCQ completion: Complete an MCQ on the available stacks during Jump Start to unlock the coding challenge.
    3. Raffles: The event will raffle two quarterly Udemy subscriptions between the attendees who complete an MCQ during the given session.
    4. How to ace your next interview: Turing experts will discuss essential tricks to keep in mind while preparing for your interview.
    5. Coding challenge completion: Attendees who complete the coding challenge during this session will be eligible to win a Turing Experience Box.
    6. Q&A session: Clear your doubts regarding Turing and our vetting & matching processes.
    7. Raffles & closing remarks 

Who should attend Jump Start? 

We are looking for React and Java developers with 3+ years of experience, written and verbal English proficiency, and knowledge in the following languages:

  • Back-end Engineer – Java, Microservices, OOP
  • Front-end Engineer – React and Redux
  • React/Three.js or WebGL Engineer – React, Three.Js or WebGL and Typescript

How can you attend Jump Start?

Jump Start will take place on the following date and time: 

Thursday, May 5 

5:00 AM – 8:00 AM (PDT)

Here’s how you can join the event:

  • Visit the Jump Start page and register for the event. 
  • Attend the event on May 5, 2022. 
  • That’s it!

The event and registration process is entirely free and open to developers. 

To sum up

The Turing Community offers developers the opportunity to learn new skills and grow in their engineering careers.  The community takes pride in building a space where anyone interested in technology can learn and flourish, from junior developers to seasoned experts. 

The upcoming Jump Start session is dedicated to helping React and Java developers complete Turing’s coding challenges and tests, improve their resumes, and get expert guidance and support for Turing’s vetting process. 

So if you’re a React or Java developer looking to ramp up your engineering career, register for Jump Start today!


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Turing.com Announces Jump Start for React and Java Developers
Article Name
Turing.com Announces Jump Start for React and Java Developers
Jump Start is a fantastic opportunity for React and Java developers to learn about Turing’s vetting process. Read the blog post for more details!


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