Turing Announces Its Newest Partnerships with Oyster and Deel

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28 Feb 20242 mins read
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Today, every company is in an arms race to reap the benefits of remote working and global engineering talent. believes that the future of work is remote, where the world’s most elite developers and the best tech companies work together remotely to build the future. 

Spotlight on’s newest partners – February

Turing is excited to introduce its newest boundaryless partners: Deel and Oyster. 

The company, in collaboration with its partners, aims to expand the Boundaryless Ecosystem in the following ways:

Democratize career opportunities for employees aims to make opportunity as universal as talent. Where remote working sounds exclusive, boundaryless is inclusive. Boundaryless enables people to work with the best organizations in the world, irrespective of where they live. And thus, the Palo Alto-based company, along with its new partners, envisions democratizing career opportunities worldwide.

Make the planetary talent pool accessible for employers

By going Boundaryless, companies can access a planetary pool of talent. They have the freedom to choose the best people for the job globally, and not the best people who happen to live near their offices. Thus, Turing aims to help companies unleash the world’s untapped human potential.

How are’s newest partners contributing to this vision?


Oyster and partnership


Oyster is a distributed talent management platform that helps companies hire full-time employees and contractors worldwide compliantly.

Oyster’s fully-distributed team collaborates in 30+ countries around the world. The company removes the barriers to cross-border employment so that talented people can build great careers irrespective of their location.

Oyster’s special discount for

  • Your first hire is free for 12 months on the Top Countries
  • Get 10 percent off on all remaining hires for 12 months

Access these great deals here:

Deel and Deel partnership


Deel is a global payroll and compliance hiring service built for remote teams. It helps companies create locally compliant contracts, pay their international teams in their preferred currency and payment method, and stay compliant in more than 150 countries. 

The San Francisco-based organization is a leader in international payroll and compliance software.

Deel’s special discount for

  • Three months free and 20 percent off + free first employee

Get access here:

At Turing, we’re bullish about having our newest partners on board as we continue to expand the Boundaryless Ecosystem through many such partnerships in the future. is an automated platform that lets companies “push a button” to hire and manage remote developers. Turing’s mission is to help every remote-first technology company spin up its engineering dream team in the cloud while democratizing career opportunities for software developers across the globe.

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