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10 Best VueJS Frameworks for Web Development

By August 12, 2022 4 min read

What is Vue framework? Is VueJS a library or a framework? What is the best VueJS framework? Keep reading this post for answers to these questions and detailed insights about VueJS frameworks.

What is Vue.js?

Evan You created an open-source front-end JavaScript framework in February 2014 and named it Vue.js. Vue is a model-view-viewmodel (MVVM) JavaScript framework that is used to build user interfaces and single-page applications. Vue is very easy to code, easy to learn, and features an incrementally adaptable architecture. Are you new to this framework? This post will help you understand the basics of the Vue.js framework and its applications.

VueJS focuses on declarative rendering and component composition. Vue is simple, user-friendly, and highly customizable. Vue enables developers to build lightweight web applications and easily integrate existing projects into Vue. 

The core VueJS library focuses on the user interface only. Thus, developers need Vue frameworks to implement advanced features and develop complex applications.

Here are the top 10 VueJS frameworks for web development in 2022.

Vue frameworks for UI components:

  1. Bootstrap Vue

    Bootstrap Vue offers an all-inclusive implementation of Bootstrap 4 UI components and the grid system. Bootstrap Vue supports more than 45 plugins and offers nearly 85 UI components. The framework also provides multiple starter packs and ready-to-use themes for efficient web development.

    Bootstrap Vue offers automated WAI-ARIA markup to build mobile-first ARIA-supported websites and hybrid mobile applications. 
  2. Vuetify

    Vuetify is a Material Component framework of UI components for Vue.js 2. Vuetify offers more than 80 UI components with customizable options and events. It supports server-side rendering applications, allows code scaffolding, and hosts three Vue CLI templates for beginners.

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  3. Vue Material

    Vue Material is a VueJS framework that contains UI components that meet Google’s ‘Material Design’ specifications. Vue Material offers an easy-to-use API with multiple themes to improve the developers’ experience. The framework contains scalable Vue UI components for effective front-end web development.

    Vue Material is a lightweight Vue.js framework that helps developers create well-designed web applications. Marcos Moura developed Vue Material as a modular tool for web development. Vue Material supports all modern browsers, hosts a great array of components, and offers extensive documentation for implementation.
  4. Quasar Framework

    Quasar is a multi-platform framework used for developing progressive web applications, responsive websites, hybrid apps, and desktop applications. Quasar framework hosts more than 120 UI components for integrating simple and advanced features like data tables, calendars, WYSIWYGs, and more. 

Static website generators based on Vue.js framework

Vue-based static website generator relies on templates and input data to create HTML websites. Some of the static Vue.js frameworks are:

  1. Vue Press

    Evan You and his team created VuePress, a static website generator. VuePress helps developers build user interfaces for simple web pages and single-page applications (SPAs). Though VuePress framework is a part of Nuxt.js, it also works as a standalone framework.

    VuePress generates pre-rendered HTML webpage, which is fed into a SPA. VuePress offers markdown file compilation, multiple customizable themes, and supports many languages.
  2. Gridsome

    Gridsome generates static websites and SEO-friendly progressive web apps with Vue.js. As an open-source framework, Gridsome enhances the website deployment process. Gridsome supports the Push, Render, Lazy-load, Pre-cache (PRLP) pattern.

    Gridsome supports code-splitting, GraphQL for queries, and automatic image compression. This VueJS framework allows developers to build PWAs quickly for any source of data. Gridsome can be effectively connected to APIs, headless CMSs, or local files.

Mobile frameworks for Vue.js

  1. Vue Native

    Vue Native hosts mobile UI elements for developing cross-platform native mobile apps with Vue.js. Vue Native uses the Vue CLI, watchers, virtual DOMs, and live synchronization. It uses HTML, JavaScript, and CSS to develop a lightweight user interface for mobile applications.
  2. Vux

    Vux is a mobile UI component library that was originally designed for WeChat messaging app. The library contains many components of the WeUI, and all of its documentation is written in Chinese. Vux is very popular as a component library that supports Vue.js.
  3. Mint UI

    Mint UI is a Vue-based lightweight framework of mobile UI components. It hosts CSS and JavaScript components that can be used for designing interactive mobile apps. Mint UI offers customizable and easy-to-use UI components for web developers and mobile/iOS app developers.

Server-side rendering

  1. Nuxt.js

    Nuxt.js is an intuitive and versatile open-source Vue.js framework used for faster and easier web development. Nuxt.js can be used for SPAs, Vue-based mobile apps, static websites, and PWAs. Nuxt helps to develop server-side rendered apps with Vue, which works on the client-server.

    Nuxt features SEO improvement, meta-tag handling, preset configurations, and compatibility checks. 

Selecting the best VueJS framework for your projects

Vue.js is a lightweight JavaScript framework that lacks higher levels of customizability. With such Vue.js frameworks, creating UI becomes easy for front-end developers. Developers can improve their front-end development workflow with these Vue frameworks.

According to a 2021 survey, more than 44 percent of web developers prefer using Vue.js over React, Angular, or other JavaScript frameworks. In addition, the overall demand for VueJS developers has increased steadily over the past years.

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  1. What is Vue framework?
    Vue frameworks are used with Vue.js JavaScript framework to create user interfaces for websites and web apps. Vue frameworks expand the capabilities of Vue.js to run complex processes. Vue frameworks are also used to implement advanced features in simple single-page applications (SPAs). 

  2. Is VueJS a library or a framework?
    VueJS is a JavaScript framework used to develop simple SPAs and progressive web apps efficiently. VueJS is customizable, user-friendly, has two-way binding, and offers a range of other features. VueJS is highly preferred among front-end developers due to its simplicity and easier learning curve.

  3. What is the best VueJS framework?
    The best Vue frameworks are Bootstrap Vue, Vuetify, Vue Material, Quasar framework, Vue Press, Gridsome, Vue Native, Vux, Mint UI, and NuxtJS.

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