Top 10 Reasons to Hire Ukrainian Developers

Ankit Sahu
28 Feb 20245 mins read
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Developer testimonials

Why should you hire Ukrainian developers? How much does it cost to hire developers in Ukraine? What makes Ukrainian developers great? And should you outsource to Ukraine? Let’s find out!

Grand View Research recently estimated the worldwide software and services market share at $389.86 billion. The study also found that the market will rise at a CAGR of 11.3 percent for the next eight years.

The growing need for business process automation across multiple industries such as transportation, retail, healthcare, and manufacturing is one of the key reasons driving this high growth rate. 

Many big tech companies and small firms are outsourcing software products and software developers from developing countries like India, Poland, Brazil, and Ukraine to satiate this growth. 

Why Ukraine? Why do big techs like Microsoft, Samsung, and Apple outsource IT to Ukraine? And how did Ukraine get to fifth place in the world for IT outsourcing and recently surpassed $5 billion in IT services exports?

In this post, we’ll look at what makes Ukrainian developers unique and the advantages they can bring to your company.

Note: Turing stands in solidarity with all those impacted by the unprovoked war. We stand united in the name of peace.

Ten reasons to hire Ukrainian developers

In the face of the pandemic, the demand for Ukrainian software developers increased by 20.4 percent, surpassing the $5 billion mark for the first time. 

In addition, Ukraine’s software developer industry grew by 25 percent to 30 percent per year in the last decade. 

Why? Well, because of the following advantages.

1. A 90+ competency score Ukrainian developers have an average knowledge and competency score of 93.17 percent.
2. The growing start-up culture Since 2010, Ukraine has seen a significant increase in start-ups. A few recently top-ranked Ukrainian start-ups include:A. Grammarly
This widely used plagiarism and grammar checker, created by Ukrainian developers in 2009, analyses language and detects irregularities in written text using artificial intelligence. Grammarly has been profitable since 2011 and was named the first Ukrainian unicorn start-up in 2019.
B. Petcube
Founded in 2012, Petcube sells equipment, such as laser toys, Wi-Fi cameras, and voice control equipment, allowing pet owners to communicate with their pets remotely. According to Tech Ukraine, the company has received over $14 million in investment and is now a globally recognized brand.
C. GitLab
Founded in 2013, GitLab is the open-source, code-hosting, and collaboration platform for DevOps. According to VentureBeat, this Ukrainian start-up received seed funding from the American Y Combinator incubator and was valued at $2.7 billion.
**Salespeople use to predict and drive sales and boost income potential. The company has received over $100 million in funding, valuing it at $500 million.
**3. Impressive tech infrastructure and developer community
Ukraine hosts several events to bring the international tech community together. The following are some of Ukraine’s top tech events:

– Lviv IT Arena
– IForum
 – The Agile Eastern Europe Conference – DEV_Challenge – The Games Gathering Conference

4. Hire Ukrainian developers for their tech expertise Ukrainian developers provide a wide range of software development services, including web and mobile OS development, UI/UX design, QA services, game design, game development, project management, analytics, R&D, IT consulting, and more.Businesses benefit from Ukrainian developers’ solid technical background.Another plus is their experience with core sectors such as data management, telecom, cloud, gaming, eCommerce, media, FinTech, healthcare, artificial intelligence, big data, data science, machine learning, and blockchain.

Ukrainian developers tech expertise

Ukrainian Developers Possess Ample Tech Expertise

5. Ukrainian developers offer a fantastic value/price ratio.

How much does it cost to hire developers in Ukraine?

The average hourly wage for a professional developer depends on several factors, such as whether they work in a high or low-cost country, the number of expenses and overhead costs, living conditions, taxes, legal regulations, and more.

With flexible policies, outsourcing to Ukrainian developers saves roughly 40 percent to 60 percent of a company’s outsourcing budget, as the average hourly wage ranges from $30 to $60.

Overall, Ukrainian developers incur significant cost savings and efficiency without sacrificing quality.

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6. Hire Ukrainian developers for their high English literacy High-quality education, proximity to Western Europe, and a cross-cultural attitude greatly influence the Ukrainian population. That’s why a huge chunk of its population is fluent in English.According to, most Ukrainian developers possess intermediate or higher English proficiency, sufficient for successful participation in software development roles.
7. Optimum time zone and strategic geographic location It’s inconvenient if your team members have to wait several hours to schedule a meeting with you; this could even entail paying more overtime.Fortunately, Ukraine is in the Eastern European (GMT+2) time zone, only two hours ahead of other European countries and seven hours ahead of the East Coast of the United States.Ukrainian developers can slightly alter their work schedules and easily find ideal time slots for sync-ups with overseas clients and teams. These time-zone standards ensure that the development process runs smoothly and without disruption.
8. Flexible labor laws and holidaysThe average employee works 34.4 hours each week in the United States and 32.77 hours in Germany and most European countries. But in Ukraine, things are different. Most Ukrainian developers are comfortable stretching their work hours depending on the project’s requirements.Companies also don’t have to worry about various vacations disrupting their projects, as Ukrainian developers observe only 11 fixed holidays in a year. 

Ukrainian developers labor laws

Ukrainian developers: Flexible labor laws

9. High-quality education of Ukrainian developers Ukraine has many educational institutions with a solid technological background. Every year, Ukrainian educational institutions produce a lot of graduates. Of these, more than 10 percent are IT specialists.In addition, many Ukrainian students start part-time work in IT companies in their early twenties. So it is normal for IT graduates to become strong developers in no time.Related post: ​​Is Your Brand Strong Enough to Attract Top Executive Talent?
10. Intellectual property protection Most Ukrainian businesses adhere to international security standards such as ISO, PCI, and HIPAA and spend time and money training their engineers on all facets of these regulations.


Ukrainian candidates make great software developers because of their engineering expertise and technical knowledge. As a result, IT outsourcing in Ukraine has taken a considerable step forward in recent years, attracting clients worldwide. 

Thanks to a large pool of tech-skilled talent, excellent cross-cultural communication, competitive rates, and optimal value-for-money proposition, Ukrainian developers offer a great package deal.  

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Ankit Sahu

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