It’s Official! Remote Workers Are Happier!

Ritvik Gupta
Ritvik Gupta
27 Feb 20243 mins read
Leadership and productivity
Talent onboarding and operations

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Leadership and productivity
Talent onboarding and operations

How does remote work affect productivity? Is your company hesitant to offer remote work to employees because of the same question? Are you afraid that remote work will hamper the productivity of your employees? If yes, here’s some good news for you. A study by Texas A&M University School of Public Health has revealed that remote work has no negative impact on productivity. Furthermore, another study has shown that remote work enhances employee happiness.

Let’s look at the key highlights from the two studies.

  • As witnessed during Hurricane Harvey, a study by Texas A&M University revealed that remote work did not hamper employee productivity in any way. 
  • The study has also stated that taking regular breaks is essential for employees to avoid workplace burnout. Remote work has helped employees reduce burnout as it allows them to maintain a healthy work schedule.
  • A recent study by Tracking Happiness that surveyed 12,455 employees revealed that the ability to work remotely increases employee happiness by 20 percent. 
  • The study also showed that commute time adversely affects employee happiness. In other words, the higher the commute time, the lesser the employee happiness. 
  • Twenty-seven percent of the respondents said that their life happiness is affected by their happiness at the workplace. The respondents also mentioned that they feel productive and happy in their personal life if they are able to achieve a proper work-life balance at their workplace. 

Should companies adopt remote work and start offering remote jobs?

Definitely! Remote work helps employees achieve work-life balance, which further enhances their happiness. Several studies have shown that remote work enhances productivity, saves costs, and helps in employee retention in many cases. 

With remote work, companies don’t need to offer physical workspace to employees. And thus, remote companies can save the real estate costs that non-remote companies incur. 

What’s more, there are several environmental benefits of remote work! Companies hiring remotely can enjoy benefits like:

  • Reduced expenditure on office spaces
  • Increased productivity
  • The global pool of talent to choose from
  • Increased employee satisfaction


1. Does work from home decrease productivity? Does remote work affect performance? How does remote work affect productivity?

No! Remote work does not decrease the productivity of employees. It enhances employee happiness by eliminating the need for the commute,  allowing employees to be close to their loved ones, and promoting a healthy work-life balance. These benefits help employees to be more productive.

2. Is remote work cheaper for employers?
Definitely! Remote work allows companies to save a lot by saving expenditures on physical office spaces, office supplies, and power bills. 

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Ritvik Gupta

Ritvik Gupta

Ritvik is a copywriter and content writer who has worked with fast-scaling startups such as GoMechanic and Pitstop. He runs his own automotive blog as well.

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