Hire great tech talent from CEE region amidst challenges

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How to Hire Great Tech Talent from the CEE Region Amidst Challenges?

By August 17, 2022 4 min read

How do I hire a developer from Eastern Europe? Where can I find developers in Europe? Where are the best developers in Europe? What is the Silicon Valley of Europe?  How to hire great tech talent from the CEE region?

Dive in to find the answers!

Central Eastern Europe or CEE is the emerging new Silicon Valley of the European region with great tech talent. Ukraine is the fastest growing region for companies to source software engineers, and this is because the developers possess strong technical education and work for affordable costs.

IT outsourcing is an emerging sector in Eastern Europe. Ukraine, the Czech Republic, Poland, Romania, and Belarus are some of the popular IT destinations in the CEE region. 

Ukraine, one of the top IT hubs in the CEE region has a large community of software developers working remotely for US and European companies. Approximately 20 percent of the Fortune 500 companies have remote development teams in Ukraine. Companies hire developers from Ukraine because they possess strong technical knowledge and offer a fantastic value/price ratio. 

Many start-ups and big MNCs work with software developers from the CEE region. 

However, the Russia-Ukraine war has left many developers without jobs.  

Now more than ever, tech companies should hire skilled tech talent from the CEE region to support this extraordinary talent. 

Hiring remote tech talent will be an ideal solution to encourage a distributed and diverse workforce and strengthen the local economies. But, hiring workers from war zones is a challenging situation for companies. So, here are four ways how organizations can overcome the challenges of hiring and supporting tech talent from CEE.

  1. Launch initiatives to support CEE members

    The Russia-Ukraine conflict impacted the IT industry. Several companies in Ukraine and nearby countries were forced to stop operations and lay off staff. Similarly, countless employees had to leave the country.

    Hiring tech talent from the CEE region can be challenging but companies across the globe can adopt specific support initiatives to embrace CEE tech workers. For example, assisting employees and their families to shift from war zones to safer places, allowing them to work remotely,  providing financial assistance for relocation, covering home rental costs, and more can be great ways to offer support to the talent in these countries. 
  2. Set up a well-defined onboarding approach

    Employees undergo burnout, stress, and insecurity in turbulent times. And so, companies must create a sense of bonding to boost the spirits of the employees, especially when hiring remote tech talent from the CEE region.

    It’s essential that the new team members feel like a part of the organization during the onboarding process.

    Some ways to create a sense of belonging during the onboarding process are setting up buddy systems, virtual meet and greet sessions, providing training sessions related to work, and organizing virtual company-wide cultural events. This practice gives new members the time and space to create better relationships with colleagues and the company. If possible, managers can also organize virtual meetings with family members. 
  3. Permanent employees or contractors? Choose what works best for you.

    The biggest challenge in remote hiring is whether to hire workers as permanent employees or contractors. If hiring permanent employees, the costs involved are higher in terms of vetting, training, accommodation, benefits, etc. In addition, the hiring procedures are lengthy and require the involvement of government entities of the CEE region.

    If hiring as contractors, the process has to be entrusted to companies who create contracts and handle onboarding procedures. Reputed hiring platforms like Turing can provide a seamless hiring process, saving cost, time, and energy.

    The benefits of hiring with Turing: 1. You can hire the top 1 percent from a talent pool of 3M+ developers 2. Turing offers a rigorous vetting process that helps you find high-quality developers 3. You can hire developers with a 100 percent risk-free two-week trial period 4. Access to Turing’s Workspace helps in effective collaboration with employees and gives you better visibility of employees’ work 5. With Turing, hire Silicon Valley caliber at half the cost.
  4. Go the extra mile in offering compensation and benefits

    Companies can offer exclusive benefits and compensations like trip expenses, accommodation discounts, comprehensive health insurance coverage, pension plans, and work hour flexibility, among others to support employees from the CEE region.

    Companies can also go a step further in arranging or advising for loans to employees based on their salary or contact. This step will motivate employees to do wise investments or even start their side businesses.

Is CEE the second Silicon Valley?

Undoubtedly, CEE is the second Silicon Valley with a strong pool of great tech talent. Though the region has promising tech talent, companies should know the right approach to hiring from this region amidst current unrest and border dispute. 

For example, several European, American, and Canadian companies have posted around 500 tech-related job ads on a website called ‘Remote Ukraine for Ukrainians.’ Few companies covered transportation and accommodation costs for their Ukrainian employees. In addition, certain companies offered advanced salaries and supported employees in setting up bank accounts outside the war-affected areas. 

Hire the best remote tech talent with Turing

Turing is a remote-first company with a planetary pool of software developers and millions of untapped Silicon Valley caliber engineers. Turing makes the remote hiring journey seamless for companies and developers. 

With Turing, companies can hire pre-vetted, Silicon Valley-caliber remote software talent across 100+ skills in 3-5 days. Similarly, Turing provides excellent opportunities for remote developers from all over the world by offering them high-quality software jobs with top US firms.


  • How can I hire the best tech talent from Eastern Europe?

    Four ways to hire developers in Eastern Europe:
    • Launch Easter Europe-specific support initiatives
    • Set up a well-defined onboarding approach
    • Choose the best option for hiring: Permanent employees or contractors?
    • Go the extra mile in offering compensation and benefits
  • Where can I find developers in Europe?

    Popular destinations in Europe to find developers are
    • Ukraine
    • Poland
    • Romania
    • Bulgaria
    • Belarus
  • Why hire the best developers in Europe?

    Developers from Europe:
    • Possess excellent technical skills
    • Have better language proficiency
    • Can be hired at affordable rates
    • Have a culture fit similar to western countries

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4 Best Ways to Hire Great Tech Talent in the CEE Region
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4 Best Ways to Hire Great Tech Talent in the CEE Region
How to hire great tech talent in CEE? 1.Launch CEE-specific support initiatives 2.Set up well-defined onboarding approach 3.Permanent employees or contractors?


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