Best Ways to Create the Best Workplace Culture for Women in Tech

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4 Ways to Create the Best Workplace Culture for Women in Tech

By April 25, 2022 4 min read

What does it mean to be a woman in tech? What is the best part of being a woman in the tech industry? What is the ideal workplace culture for women in tech? And how do you create the best workplace culture for women in tech?

Looking for answers to these questions? Keep reading! This post highlights how you can build the best workplace culture for women in tech. The post also shares four ways companies can foster a culture of inclusion where women can thrive. Let’s dive in. 


Despite the efforts to encourage women to pursue technology-related jobs, the figures remain alarming. While the total number of women in tech has climbed from 1.6 million to 3.7 million over the last three decades, the percentage of women in tech roles has decreased. Surprisingly, women made up a higher percentage of the IT workforce in 1984 (35 percent) than today (32 percent). 

In addition, women in tech hold only 25 percent of IT jobs in the United States, and they are 45 percent more likely to leave their jobs than men. Moreover, women make up less than one-fifth of CIOs and CTOs in the Fortune 1000.

A diverse workforce better serves customers, creates a positive brand image, and provides unique insights, knowledge and experiences. 
Over the last two decades, several studies have shown a positive correlation between higher female representation in the workplace and various business performance indicators, including better financial performance, higher return in sales, better stock growth, and more.

As a result, several businesses are focusing on diversity and female inclusion strategies. However, the world needs a cultural shift to change the game for women in tech. 

Four ways companies can foster a culture of inclusion: 

  1. Recruit more women in tech

    Hire more women in tech

    Recruit More Women In Tech

    Ensure that your hiring process is not discriminatory toward women and that your job postings are gender-neutral.

    By conducting blind assessments, recruiters can eliminate unconscious bias and the belief that women in tech are incapable of performing a particular job. Companies can also run tests that don’t require the candidates to reveal their gender. This way, you can judge the applicants solely on their performance.

    Once recruiters finish the resume screening, decide on the interview panel members. Ensure the interview panel has diverse individuals. While inviting the candidate back for a second interview, make sure she has the opportunity to talk with a senior female manager.

    This step will show her that your company supports career advancement.  Most importantly, this initiative will give her insight into what it’s like to work for the organization as a woman. 
  2. Remove bias from decision-making

    Management should not determine whether or not employees are interested in certain positions. Please don’t assume that a particular employee is not available or interested in new challenges because they have to care for a family.

    Allow all employees to choose their battles. Offer them career opportunities if they have the necessary talent and mindset to grow. Don’t let your subconscious bias decide for your employees.

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  3. Allow women to be their authentic selves

    Men drive several traditional leadership paradigms in the workplace. Expecting women to lead the same way as men can undermine and even diminish their contributions. So, it’s crucial to allow the women in tech to be their authentic selves.

    Ensure that your company encourages women to take the lead and be open to alternative ideas and techniques in the workplace.
  4. Focus on output, not attendance

    Concentrate on output, not attendance

    Focus on output, not attendance

    Building a successful career while raising a family is challenging, especially when most supervisors are more concerned with office hours than an employee’s output.

    We now live in a world where flexibility is essential.  We have the tools and technologies to perform various tasks from virtually anywhere.

    By establishing flexible work schedules that prioritize results over attendance, women in tech can participate equally and contribute at work and get the most out of their abilities. 

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How are big techs helping women in tech? 

In the twenty-first century, a gender-diverse workplace is necessary for a company’s growth. And thus, Airbus, Microsoft, and Accenture are attempting to understand cultural norms and create a favorable workplace for women. 

Here’s how:

  • Microsoft’s DigiGirlz program allows middle and high school girls to meet Microsoft professionals and gain insight into the field of technology. 
  • Under the ‘High-tech Women Rise’ program, Accenture aims to help women develop a long-term career in technology. The program offers many benefits, such as maternity leaves, period leaves, sabbatical leaves, etc., to help women return to work. 
  • Airbus launched the ‘Fly Again’ program to provide career opportunities for women who wished to return to work after taking a break. Candidates who participated in this program received free upskill training, coaching, and guidance to catch up with the industry.

So, how can your company hire more women in tech?

The advantages of having a diverse leadership team are huge. However, tech firms have yet to make the most of women’s potential. 

Everybody from top management to new joiners must pitch in to build great workplaces for women. Remember, commitment from all company members will help women in tech reach their full potential, resulting in a win-win situation for both organizations and employees.

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Women in Tech: 4 Tips to Build a Great Workplace Culture
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Women in Tech: 4 Tips to Build a Great Workplace Culture
Women hold only 25% of IT jobs in the US & less than 1/5th of C-suite executives. Here are 4 ways to create the best workplace culture for women in tech.
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