What Are the Best Programming Languages for AI Development?

Ankit Sahu
20 Feb 20245 mins read
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Companies are constantly looking to deploy better AI solutions. According to IDC, the AI market will surpass $500 billion by 2024 with a five-year CAGR of 17.5 percent and total revenue of $554.3 billion. However, the first step towards creating efficient solutions is choosing the best programming languages for AI software. 

This post lists the ten best programming languages for AI development in 2022. 

Let’s dive in. 


Python is a high-level programming language for AI. It’s one of the most frequently used programming languages, with applications in AI, machine learning, data science, web apps, desktop apps, networking apps, and scientific computing. 

Keras, Pytorch, Scikit-learn, MXNet, Pybrain, and TensorFlow are a few of the specialist libraries available in Python, making it an excellent choice for AI projects. 

In addition, Python works best for natural language processing (NLP) and AI programs because of its rich text processing features, simple syntax, and scripting with a modular design.

Starting with Python is easy because codes are more legible, concise, and straightforward. Python also has a large supportive community, with many users, collaborators and fans. 

Google, NASA, Amazon, Instagram, Reddit, JP Morgan Chase, Intel, IBM, Netflix, Facebook, Pinterest, and many other companies use Python.

Best programming languages for AI development: Lisp

Lisp (historically stylized as LISP) is one of the most widely used programming languages for AI. 

Developed in 1958, Lisp is named after ‘List Processing,’ one of its first applications. By 1962, Lisp had progressed to the point where it could address artificial intelligence challenges.

Lisp is still capable of producing good software today, but due to its complex syntax and expensive libraries, it isn’t the first choice of developers. However, Lisp is useful for several AI projects like:

  • Rapid prototyping
  • Dynamic object creation
  • Executing data structures as programs
  • Modifying programs as data
  • Mandatory garbage collection


java programming languages for ai

Best programming languages for AI: Java

Java is a popular server-side programming language for AI. Developers use this language for most development platforms because it has a customized virtual machine. Java is also the native language for Android app development. 

Snapchat, FaceApp, and the famous Google lens are examples of Android apps with artificial intelligence built with Java. Java provides many machine learning libraries that go beyond mobile apps, including:

  • Deep Java Library
  • Cubeflow
  • OpenNLP
  • Java Machine Learning Library
  • Neuroph

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Best programming languages for AI development: C++ 

C++ is a low-level programming language that has been around for a long time. C++ works well with hardware and machines but not with modern conceptual software.

C++’s low-level programming capabilities make it ideal for managing simple AI models. For example, developers utilize C++ to create neural networks from the ground up and translate user programming into machine-readable codes. 


R programming languages for ai

Programming languages for AI: R

R is a popular language for AI among both aspiring and experienced statisticians. Though R isn’t the best programming language for AI, it is great for complex calculations. 

AI and ML consist of plenty of data work. To effectively analyze and represent data, developers use R. In most cases, R is better than Python when it comes to statistics. 

Best programming languages for AI development: Prolog

NLP models and computational linguistics use Prolog. It’s a declarative language, great for symbolic reasoning, database applications, language parsing, and natural language processing. 

Though commercial applications rarely use this language, with its core use in expert systems, theorem proving, type systems, and automated planning, Prolog is set to bounce back in 2022. 


Haskell has various sophisticated features, including type classes, which permit type-safe operator overloading. 

Popular in education research, Haskell is useful for Lambda expressions, pattern matching, type classes, list comprehension, and type polymorphism. In addition, because of its versatility and capacity to manage failures, Haskell is considered a safe programming language for AI. 

Best programming languages for AI development: Wolfram

Wolfram allows fast and powerful processing. The language has more than 6,000 built-in functions for symbolic computation, functional programming, and rule-based programming. It also works well with arbitrary data and structures. 

Because of its capacity to execute challenging mathematical operations and lengthy natural language processing functions, Wolfram is popular as a computer algebraic language.


Julia is a relatively new AI programming language. Although Julia’s community is still small, it consistently ranks as one of the premier languages for artificial intelligence.

Julia’s fame stems from its dynamic interface and eye-catching graphics for data visualization. In addition, Julia also excels in memory management, debugging, and metaprogramming.

Julia’s other popular features are direct support for C functions, a dynamic type system, and parallel and distributed computing. When it comes to AI development, Julia comprises premade models, algorithm help, and multiple packages for probabilistic programming, namely:

  • MLJ.jl
  • Flux.jl
  • Turing.jl
  • Metalhead

Best programming languages for AI development: Rust

Rust is a high-level, general-purpose programming language. The language is syntactically identical to C++, but it provides memory safety without garbage collection and allows optional reference counting. 

Rust provides performance, speed, security, and concurrency to software development. With expanded use in industry and massive systems, Rust has become one of most popular programming languages for AI. 

Firefox, Dropbox, Yelp, npm, Cloudflare, Azure, Deno, Discord, and Polkadot use Rust. 

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Final thoughts

Artificial intelligence is more than just a trend. From autonomous driving to sentence correction, AI is everywhere.  This prevalence has created a fantastic playing ground for companies looking to develop more AI solutions. 

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