12 Best Node js Frameworks for 2023

Ankit Sahu
20 Feb 20248 mins read
Languages, frameworks, tools, and trends

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Languages, frameworks, tools, and trends

How many Node js frameworks are there? What are the popular Node js frameworks? Which Node js framework should I use? Which framework goes best with Node js? 

Looking for answers to these questions? Keep reading.

In the last couple of years, the demand for web applications has increased significantly. As a result, software developers are testing different programming languages and frameworks to build and improve web applications. 

However, according to a recent user survey, four out of five software developers choose Node js frameworks as their go-to choice.

Node js has many frameworks that include various tools, templates, and libraries to assist developers in overcoming app development roadblocks.

While some Node js frameworks offer development freedom, others support automation; some offer speed, and others provide expansion capabilities. Therefore, choosing the right Node js framework is challenging, especially when there are so many to choose from. 

So, here is the list of the top 12 most popular Node JS frameworks based on popularity and usage in 2023. 

How many Node js frameworks are there?

The Node js frameworks can be divided into three groups, which are as follows: 

1. MVC frameworks

Model View Controller or MVC is architectural anatomy used as the foundation for building flexible frameworks, allowing developers to create each application layer separately. 

2. REST API frameworks

REST API frameworks offer a ready-to-program interface that saves developers time, effort, and money. REST API frameworks are also useful for developing reliable server-client communication routes. 

3. Full-stack MVC frameworks

Full-stack MVC frameworks support and manage both the frontend and backend development of a mobile app, and provide various tools for developing and updating software.

Bottom line

Node js is a popular app development tool that includes a range of dependable and high-performance frameworks. These frameworks make application development easier, faster, and less expensive. 

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  • What are the top 10 Node js frameworks in 2023?
    Express, Koa, Nest, Hapi, Meteor, Salis, Mojito, Derby, Total, and Socket are among the top 10 Node js frameworks.
  • Is Express the best Node js framework?
    Express.js is one of the most popular Node js frameworks. It comes with several useful features that make it one of the top options for developers. However, the best Node framework for you depends on your project needs and requirements.
  • Which Node js framework should I use in 2023?
    App requirements, app development time, budget, and other considerations define the best Node js framework. So, it’s wise to speak with a professional who can assist you in making informed decisions.

Ankit Sahu

Ankit is a writer and editor who has contributed his expertise to Govt of India, Reebok, Abbott, TimesPro, Chitale Bandhu, InsideAIML, Kolte Patil Dev., etc.

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