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A Collection of the Best Guides for the Suddenly Remote in the Time of COVID-19

By March 19, 2020 4 min read

With so much information out there right now for the Suddenly-Remote, it can be hard to know where to turn or which information is reliable.

At Turing, we’ve been focused on remote work for years. To help you out during the COVID-19 crisis, we’ve begun curating the best and most in-depth guides to help you navigate this new and confusing reality.

We will continue to add to and update this list as additional high-quality information becomes available. Keep in mind that the majority of these guides were written for the immediate application of remote-work basics. They are not intended to provide the detailed information, skills, and best practices required for sustainable remote work or for new companies that are adopting a remote-first paradigm from day one.

With that in mind, here are our initial picks for the best guides to help you and your company deal with the need to go Suddenly-Remote during this very challenging moment in time.

GitLab’s Guide To Remote Work

Gitlab is the world’s largest all-remote team. They know what they are talking about. Gitlab’s guide is one of the most detailed guides out there and includes the company’s “Remote Manifesto.” They cover:

  • How & Why
  • Getting Started
  • People & Values
  • Management
  • Hiring & Learning

You can jump into the sections that are most relevant to you and your team and share the link with others throughout your organization to help get them up to speed on all things remote.

Zapier’s guide to working remotely

Here is another remote working heavy hitter. Zapier is 100% distributed, with over 300 employees spread across 17 countries.

The Zapier guide includes an AMA for those new to remote, which is available at the start of the page. This guide consists of the following seven areas:

  • Automation for remote work
  • Teamwork on a remote team 
  • Remote work for managers 
  • Remote work for employees 
  • Remote workspaces 
  • Remote work tools
  • The state of remote work

Zapier has also added a recommended reading list. Their guide is downloadable as a file for ease of sharing.

Remote Work Guides from Twist

Twist is a communication app from the wonderful people at Doist. Doist is a remote company with 68 team members spread across 25 countries.

Their guide is a collection of various remote working guides curated in once place. The guides available are as follows:

  • The Future of Work: The Guide to Remote Work
  • Remote Setup: The Remote Guide to Logistics
  • Remote Projects 101: The Remote Guide to Project Management
  • Scaling Your Remote Team: The Remote Guide to Hiring
  • Leading Distributed: The Remote Guide to Management
  • The Art of Async: The Remote Guide to Team Communication
  • Designing Without Whiteboards: The Remote Guide to Product Design

There is a great depth of information here, including thoughts from various remote work experts throughout the guide.

The ultimate guide to remote work from Miro

Miro believes in helping teams to collaborate. Their remote work guide covers:

  • Introduction to Remote Work & Collaboration
  • Is Remote Work as Great as it Sounds?
  • The Most Important Remote Work Statistics
  • Guide to Hiring Remote Employees
  • How to Onboard Remote Employees
  • Building Remote Work Culture & Why It’s So Important
  • How to Manage a Remote Team
  • Engage Your Remote Team to Keep Productivity High
  • Complete Guide to Remote Team Meetings
  • 15 Best Team Building Activities & Games for Remote Workers

Remote Work GuideThe beginner’s guide to working remotely from Recamov

Recamov, which stands for Remote Career Move, functions as a job board. The Recamov beginner’s guide to remote work touches upon the following points:

  • Remote Communication
  • Tech-Readiness
  • Workspace Set-Up
  • Peers and Community
  • Work Style
  • Work-Life Balance
  • Making To-Do Lists
  • Managing Expectations
  • Working in Sprints
  • Me-Time

But what if you need more than a guide? The extraordinary team at Slack has you covered there, too. Simply click this link: to schedule a remote team consultation.

As more quality information is released, we’ll be updating this meta-guide to help you easily find the best resources from one centralized location.

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