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Life-Changing Tips on LinkedIn Networking for Software Developers

The 5 Best No-Fail LinkedIn Networking Tips For Tech Developers

It does not come as a surprise that networking on LinkedIn: the world’s largest professional network, often gives software developers the edge they need in their careers. Your online presence is extremely important, especially when you are part of the tech industry. Turing has compiled some life-changing tips on LinkedIn networking you should know to make it big in the industry!

LinkedIn is a social networking site that has been the first choice today for professionals looking for better networking and career opportunities. However, as easy as it might sound, it can sometimes be difficult to really build a strong network through this platform. However, with just a little effort, you can do wonders as far as your LinkedIn networking game is concerned! All you need to do is just be thoughtful about the content you share on LinkedIn. Here are some life-changing tips on LinkedIn networking for all software developers!

Amazing LinkedIn networking tips for developers

Work on your profile

There are multiple ways to expand your professional network through LinkedIn networking. After all, LinkedIn really is the best social media for professional networking!

To start with, ensure your LinkedIn profile is totally up to date.

Here is a brief checklist to ensure your LinkedIn dev profile is fully optimized!

  • Add headline
  • Add profile picture and a background picture
  • Add LinkedIn summary
  • Update current job title
  • Update your current location and zip code
  • Update work experience with relevant dates
  • Add the Education section and certificates
  • Any volunteer work or other hobbies
  • Relevant skills

Another thing you can do here is to connect with the people you already know.

There are plenty of ways to find them on LinkedIn. Start by importing your telephonic contacts to LinkedIn and start sending requests to connect with them.

You can even go ahead and ask your already existing connections to endorse you. Not everyone will be up for it, but hey, some of them might be! The value you get from endorsements is simply going to give you and your profile the edge needed.

Demonstrate your best skills

Now you have the endorsements, and you have your profile fully optimized. The only thing missing here is that you still haven't demonstrated your best parts.

That’s right, if you’re looking forward to LinkedIn networking to find a job, then you must put yourself out there.

Show off a little. Don’t fret about using technical jargons. It is something that is going to set you apart from others in the LinkedIn networking game!

Add your educational background with details, add some job titles/positions you’ve worked in with descriptions, and some of the projects you’ve worked on. Feel free to add any other incredible accomplishments too.

This is really the best place to showcase your brilliance.

Connect with job seekers and people who are hiring

Start connecting with new people you find through LinkedIn networking. LinkedIn networking for developers thrives on personal connections you get to make with other job seekers and recruiters.

Ensure you are clear and concise with what you’ve got to say. Be professional and stay focused.

Most people are just going to take a look at your inMail and be done with it. Give them something to hold on to for just a few more seconds. Add some worth to your message.

To add value to LinkedIn networking and connection building, include links to your portfolio/projects if you have any. Use a few fancy technical words to explain yourself and what you do. Balance it all out, and introduce yourself with utmost confidence. Give them something to remember you by!

Post blogs and comments

Content creation, whether through blogs or comments is a great strategy to network on LinkedIn. This helps build higher authority among your niche audience circle. Blogging helps you expose your views to others who share similar interests.

If you’d like, you can also leave personal comments and little notes on other people’s work. Although it’s always better to keep the commenting in the comments section concise. Applaud them, congratulate them, or tell them what you do and how you can help them out.

It will do wonders for your LinkedIn networking game in the long run!

Elevator pitch

Elevator pitches, as a part of LinkedIn networking, are some of the most awe-inspiring ways to build better connections with new people. To make your pitch impressive, you should aim at making it more engaging and thoughtful. Your pitch should describe you and make you stand out on the LinkedIn developer network.

So, when LinkedIn networking is the question, you should be summarizing your value sets and experiences. Keep it short but interesting. People should be hooked on what you’ve got to say.

Follow up

LinkedIn Professional networking and groups work best when you are really following up. Following up with people you meet for the first time is essential to building a lasting relationship. When you are following up on this professional networking site, you are actually showing that you care about the bond you’ve just made.

Send a short email to them, or simply a thank you note, though, personally, emails work the best for such conversations. Display some gratitude, since these people took out a few vital minutes/hours from their schedule for you. This will take your LinkedIn networking skills up by a notch!

Final words

Networking on LinkedIn, owned by Microsoft, for a job is no joke. Turing hopes that these amazing software engineering LinkedIn tips help you in some way. With these LinkedIn networking tips for job seekers and developers, you can focus on building connections for better growth and opportunities.



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