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Software Developer Interview Questions to Ask Your Recruiter

Software Developer Interview Questions to Ask Your Recruiter

Cracking FAANG (Facebook, Apple, Amazon, Netflix, Google) interviews is not an easy task. However, complex interviews like these among others can be cracked easily with a proper strategy. One such strategy is asking the right software developer interview questions at the right time during the interviews. This crucial technique can help fetch you a job in your dream company. Therefore, in this article, we are going to take you through some strategic software developer interview questions to ask during your interview.

Why ask questions during an interview?

Asking questions during an interview is a great way to showcase your leadership, interaction, and communication skills. This strategy can help you in highlighting yourself as a valuable candidate among the crowd.

Additionally, asking the right questions at the perfect time can be the icing on the cake.

3 Crucial things to remember during a software engineering interview

There are three golden rules that you should keep in mind before your interview-

  • Be ready with your questions in advance.
  • Prepare questions for each of the possible rounds.
  • Analyze and frame questions based on the organization's mission, vision, and core values apart from the technical aspects.

Software developer interview questions to ask your recruiter or hiring manager

Here are some of the well-framed software engineering interview questions based on different rounds of interviews and stages.

I. Software developer interview questions showcasing: Technical know-how

Being a software developer, you should grab any opportunities coming your way which will highlight your skills. Asking the right questions to your interviewer is one such opportunity you can create for yourself, which automatically highlights your plus points. This will not only boost your confidence but also give the recruiter an idea about you as a software developer.

a. What programming languages, packages, and frameworks do you use? Or What tech stack and tools do we use?

Knowing the tech stack and tools can help you get internal insights to the tech part of the organization. Additionally, you can also check whether the technologies match your skill set.

Therefore, you can match your preferences to analyze whether the role and responsibilities are the right matches for you or not.

b. What do you expect from a software developer? Or What sort of skills do you expect from me?

This question can help you in understanding the mindset of the interviewer, and their expectations from your end. This question can give you a quick picture of how your time at the organization is going to be.

c. What do we do for a developer's success?

An organization inherits its success from its developer’s success. So, you should know what they are doing for your personal development and professional development too. For example, whether they are taking developers through any technical training courses or certifications; also how will they be encouraging their personal development as well.

This question will help you get a clearer picture of how the next few years at this organization may look for you.

II. Software developer interview questions that showcase your passion

Having an action-oriented approach to your passion is one of the must-haves for any software professional. It helps the technical recruiter understand how passionate you are about the field.

a. Does the organization sponsor or host any hackathons or conferences? Or How frequently cross-community engagement takes place?

To showcase your interest and passion for the tech field, you should ask this question. This question shows the recruiter that he/she is not recruiting an idle machine but a dynamic candidate who is passionate about the technical domain.

b. How do software developers receive motivation to join tech conferences and meetups?

Attending conferences, meetups, and technical chapters helps software developers in their personal and professional development through interactions, cross-community engagement, etc.

Therefore, by asking this question you are showing them that you are open to development and any learning opportunity coming your way.

III. Software developer interview questions that showcase your soft skills

a. How does the cross interaction between different teams and departments work?

Software developers are a different lot altogether. Some of them like to work in collaboration with other team members/stakeholders, while others prefer to remain rooted as individual contributors and avoid working in a team.

Irrespective of which of the above you belong to, this question can give you insights into how you will be required to work in the organization.

b. How does the mentoring and coaching system work at the organization?

Every individual needs some kind of mentoring and coaching system for self-development. However, when it comes to software developers, mentoring goes a long way. It helps them in self-evaluation and analysis.

Thus, if the organization has a strong mentoring system, it can help the software developers to better focus on their self-development.

IV. Software developer interview questions showcasing leadership & management qualities

a. I would like to know more about the project/ product for which you are hiring me?

Leadership and management qualities come out quickly when you ask questions like the one above. It gives the recruiter a hint that the candidate is dedicated to the work he/she is going to do for the organization. Additionally, it also gives you ideas on the work you will be doing.

b. What sort of metrics are used to measure performance?

Your success in the organization depends on this factor. Asking this question can give you a clear picture of the evaluation methodologies adopted by the organization. At the end of the day, we all know success is more than writing a good code or a use case.

V. Software developer interview questions showcasing interest in the company

a. What kind of tools and tricks are used for internal syncs in the organization?

Internal syncs are vital to maintain productivity and keep the team spirit high. Thus, when we ask this question it highlights our interest in knowing more about the organization at a grass-root level.

b. How big is the team and what does its structure look like?

Asking this question helps you understand the kind of roles and responsibilities you’ll be taking on.

For example, if the team size is large then the roles and responsibilities would be fairly distributed. However, if the team size is limited then it might be an indication of troubled waters.

c. What sort of team-building activities are there in the organization?

Team building activities help every individual to know their counterparts in the organization in the best way possible. It promotes growth, and harmony both within the team and the organization. In addition, it suggests to the hiring manager that you’re keen on knowing more about the organization.

VI. Miscellaneous :

a. What are the missions and visions of the company?

The company’s tagline reads “ABC”, I would like to know more about it.

Dos & don’ts of software developer interview questions

There are 2 golden rules that you should follow during the interview-

How to ask and when?

Do not ask any questions at the beginning of the interview. Let the hiring manager complete his/her stack of questions first. Thereafter, irrespective of the opportunity given you should always ask questions at the end of the interview.

Additionally, be responsible for what you ask. Be sensible, and polite while framing and directing your questions toward them.

What not to ask & why?

Though there are tons of questions you can ask, don’t ask about anything internal to the organization like- finances, internal tech stack structure, or anything alike.

Asking questions like these can backfire and you may end up creating trouble for yourself.

Software developer interview questions: Closing notes

There is always scope for improvement, irrespective of how you handled the interview. Therefore, it is a good idea to politely ask your hiring manager about the scope for improvement or any suggestions from his/her end. Because these suggestions can help you in becoming a better professional and it also tells the hiring manager that the candidate is a quick learner and self-motivated.



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