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Get 360° testing automation services that expedite your time to market via streamlined software development lifecycles. Our testing experts provide tailored solutions that help reduce time and manual errors in SDLCs, resulting in increased operational efficiency, ROIs, and user satisfaction.

How Turing creates business solutions

As a leading testing automation company, Turing offers holistic software test automation services that expedite the testing for your software applications. Our experts use modern technologies like Appium, Selenium, RestSharp, Terraform, Azure DevOps, etc., to perform testing as per your needs, for web app testing, mobile app testing, security testing, or test automation infrastructure.
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Our testing automation service offerings

Test Automation Framework Development

Get comprehensive test automation frameworks built from tools that fit your unique priorities and enhance your SDLC.

If your current automation frameworks aren’t bringing the results you desire, or your business doesn’t have such frameworks in place, our experts will leverage their expertise to create personalized frameworks that will boost testing efficiency through strategic automation.

Our test automation framework development services include:

  • Analyzing your software project requirements, along with current testing technology stack and infrastructure to develop a customized testing framework with best-in-class features that facilitate better testing quality, reduced costs, and better resource utilization
  • Using popular automation tools like Appium, Selenium, and TestComplete, along with industry best practices to create automation frameworks with maximum compatibility, maintainability, and scalability
  • Building a custom framework with a modular and extensible approach, incorporating automation testing’s best practices, such as data-driven testing, keyword-driven testing, and POM (Page Object Model) to deploy a structured, reusable framework tailored to your testing needs
  • Integrating the developed framework with your current testing systems and tools, including CI/CD pipelines, test management tools, and defect tracking systems, for seamless integration into your existing software ecosystem

Test Script Development

Get end-to-end automated testing services that equip your business with robust test script development. Our expert test automation engineers create scalable and robust test scripts to streamline various tests, including load testing, scalability testing, stability testing, and stress testing.

We will analyze your business process and SDLC requirements to create and deploy custom test scripts that simplify the testing process, cut down costs, and boost the quality of your software application. We provide test automation as a service built on the vast industry expertise our experts possess, having helped leading tech enterprises navigate their testing automation journey.

Our test script development solutions include:

  • Designing a customized test script development roadmap that is catered to your testing objectives and addresses the key scenarios and functionalities to be automated
  • Developing robust test scripts through Cypress, Selenium WebDriver, Appium, and other automation tools to automate testing across mobile, desktop, and web applications
  • Deploying efficiency and structured test scripts using POM and BDD (Behavior-Driven Development) methodologies that easily adapt to changes in your software and are effortless to maintain
  • Running comprehensive tests, including functional and regression testing to ensure the developed scripts reflect the desired functionality and behavior of the software application

Performance Automation

Get 360-degree performance automation solutions to enhance software performance through high-level automation. Our automated software testing services offer powerful automation solutions to increase the reliability and scalability of your application while eliminating all vulnerabilities.

Our performance automation services include:

  • Robust test script development to run performance automation tests, using leading tools like Gatling, LoadRunner, and JMeter to simulate realistic stress scenarios and user loads
  • Uncovering performance issues and other vulnerabilities by measuring and analyzing response times, resource utilization, throughput, and other KPIs during performance testing
  • Conducting a vast range of tests, including stress testing, endurance testing, load testing, and scalability testing, on different application layers, from its front-end UI to the back-end database
  • Deploying performance test environments that mirror your application’s production environment as closely as possible. Based on the results from our performance automation, we then implement the necessary changes to optimize its speed, reliability, and efficiency

Continuous Automation

Our end-to-end testing automation services provide the necessary solutions to automate every aspect of your SDLC. With our expertise in testing automation solutions, we integrate automated testing processes seamlessly into the software development lifecycle. It involves the use of tools, frameworks, and scripts to automate various stages of testing, such as unit testing, integration testing, regression testing, and performance testing.

Our continuous automation services include:

  • Building a tailored continuous automation strategy, keeping in mind your development tools and processes, that seamlessly integrates into your current software development ecosystem
  • Automating different stages of CI/CD using popular tools like Bamboo, Jenkins, CircleCI, and GitLab CI/CD, that align with your priorities and support your desired automation level
  • Developing and deploying automated pipelines encompassing code compilation, integration testing, unit testing, regression testing, and deployment. Our experts integrate automated testing at different levels, including functional tests, unit tests, and performance tests, to ensure complete test coverage for a seamless, bug-free software release
  • Creating isolated and reproducible testing and deployment environments using containerization technologies like Kubernetes and Docker. Using these, our testing automation experts ensure consistent and reliable execution of automated tests across varying SDLC environments
  • Real-time monitoring and reporting of the automation process, where our experts track the performance and overall health of the automated pipelines

Cross-platform and Cross-browser Testing

Software application versatility is key to its success. At Turing, we understand the importance of this, and hence, offer intelligent cross-platform and cross-browser testing as part of our testing automation services.

Using cutting-edge technologies and a personalized approach, our experts will deploy testing solutions that ensure the functionality and compatibility of your software applications across the desired browsers and platforms. Our cross-platform and cross-browser testing services include:

  • Conducting test automation across mobile, web, and desktop applications on various platforms, using TestComplete, Appium, Selenium WebDriver, and other leading technologies for cross-browser and cross-platform tests
  • Deploying robust test scripts that simulate user interactions and validate your software’s functionality across multiple browsers and platforms. Here, our experts ensure that the developed scripts cover vital scenarios and functionalities to identify any functionality or compatibility issues that may arise
  • Using cloud-based and virtualization services with multi-browser and platform access to facilitate cross-platform testing. Using these, our testing automation experts execute tests parallelly, and across multiple configurations, seamlessly

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Frequently Asked Questions

Testing automation, or test automation, refers to automating the process of running tests, managing test data, and using the results to improve a software application’s quality.

Testing automation comes with several benefits, which makes it a critical component of the SDLC. These include:

Saving time and money: In any development project, software projects are quite repetitive, whether it's to check modified source codes or the software’s compatibility with supported operating systems and hardware configurations. Manually repeating such tests is both time-consuming and costly, but with automated testing, testing becomes more cost and time efficient. Once created, an automated test can run repeatedly without additional resources and are much faster overall.

Increased test coverage: Automated testing has the capability to increase the scope and depth of tests and enhance software quality. Automated software testing can analyze the memory contents, internal program states, file contents, and data tables inside an application to identify if it's behaving as expected. Testing automation can effortlessly execute countless complex test cases during software test runs, offering deep coverage that is impossible with manual testing.

Better accuracy: One of the biggest flaws in manual testing is the human aspect. Even the most experienced tester can make certain mistakes during tedious manual testing. But, automated tests keep running the same steps accurately and never forget to record the results.

Doing what manual tests can’t: Even the largest QA departments and software cannot perform controlled web app tests with a large number of users. However, automated testing can simulate hundreds and thousands of virtual users interacting with a web application, software, or network, hassle-free.

The key differences between manual and automated testing are as follows:

Tools needed: In manual testing, no automation tools are needed as testers create test cases for a code and test the software to check its performance. Automated testing does rely on using automation tools to automate every step of the testing process and make it faster.

Human error: Since manual testing involves human labor, there’s always a chance of encountering human errors. However, that’s completely avoided with automated testing as it involves no human labor during testing.

Practicality: Manual testing is practical when the test cases are needed to run a few times only. However, automated testing is more practical for frequently run test cases over a longer period of time.

Resource investment: In manual testing, investment is primarily required for human resources to run the tests. However, automated testing requires investment mainly in testing tools.

User-friendliness: If the goal of testing is better customer experience or user-friendliness, manual testing is more apt as it involves human observation. However, automated testing doesn’t involve any human observation, and hence, cannot guarantee a positive customer experience or user-friendliness.

Turing’s test automation services are designed to be extremely customizable, accurate, and results-driven. Our TA experts leverage extensive industry knowledge and expertise to create tailored solutions that streamline your software releases and address unique SDLC challenges. Plus, we use our 125+ years of combined experience creating top tech solutions to provide end-to-end solutions for your testing automation needs, from performance automation and test framework development to cross-platform and cross-browser testing.

Apart from testing automation, Turing offers other development services, including blockchain development, API development, AR, data security, cloud migration, Android app development, and more.

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