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Robust and intuitive mobile applications for exponential business growth. Turing’s mobile app development services are designed to take your digital presence to new heights with innovation, growth, and creativity. Our experts have built successful mobile apps for the most prominent enterprises and now, they will do the same for you.

How Turing creates business solutions with mobile app development

Over 100 companies trust Turing to help transform their business through cutting-edge applications. Our technical expertise and deeply-vetted talent have helped clients adopt customized applications to successfully reach their business goals. Across design, development, modernization, and more, our experts help companies deploy intelligent applications with enhanced user experience and ROI-driving capabilities.
Turing Case Study: Healthcare patient engagement application

A healthcare patient engagement app brings revenue and productivity

Learn how Turing built a world-class application for personalized patient services and made healthcare more accessible to users.

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Turing Case Study: Stock trading platform

A feature-rich stock trading platform for iOS, Android, and web

Learn how Turing built an iOS/Android/web experience for a trading platform, putting a host of features at the user’s fingertips.

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Turing Case Study: Preorder Application

A top car manufacturer makes preordering painless with new app

Learn how Turing built a preorder application making self-service successful and leaving no customer behind.

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Our mobile app development service offerings

UI/UX Design

Get an end-to-end mobile application design roadmap to build sleek, intuitive solutions that ensure engagement, conversions, and quick adoption. Turing’s in-house experts lay the foundation for visually appealing and user-friendly mobile app interfaces through comprehensive services involving wireframing, prototyping, and designing your application’s layout, navigation, and interactive elements.

Our mobile app development services are designed to help clients transform their user experience landscape. We assess your business needs and goals to establish a personalized design strategy tailored to your business that enhances usability and delivers the best user experience.

Turing’s UI/UX design solutions include:

  • Catering to your project individually, through in-depth research and analysis. This will help our experts identify your business needs, user expectations, target audiences, and application requirements. This also involves conducting in-depth research and market trend analysis for user behavior patterns and preferences

  • Visualizing app layout, navigation, and elements through industry-standard tools like Figma, Adobe XD, and Sketch to build appropriate prototypes, keeping the user in mind. Our experts also conduct usability testing to create easily-navigable UX

  • Creating stunning user interfaces aligned with your brand image through consistent typography, graphics, and suitable color palettes. Depending on your needs, our experts can completely revamp or build UIs from scratch, based on a new brand identity

  • Elevating your app’s UI/UX through the latest design trends and by incorporating animations, micro-interactions, and visual cues that offer an interactive and unique user experience. Our experts also consider accessibility guidelines and standards to ensure inclusivity for disabled users

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Frequently Asked Questions

A mobile app is a software application meant to be used on wireless, small computing devices, such as mobile phones and tablets. A mobile app is one of the must-haves for businesses today as it adds tremendous value to the business. Here’s how:

Consumer loyalty: A business mobile app offers convenient communication between the company and its consumers, resulting in consistent engagement and increased consumer loyalty.

Easy online shopping: Online shopping is the most preferred way today for consumers to browse and purchase products or services. With a mobile app, your business can offer its services with maximum flexibility and convenience, attracting and retaining customers hassle-free.

Marketing efforts: A mobile app can help your business easily launch marketing campaigns and enhance them as this would require prospective consumers to actively install your app. Moreover, advertising on mobile apps usually costs lesser, and in-app promotions can help target specific audience groups easily.

Omnichannel approach: Having a robust mobile app will also enable your business to adopt an omnichannel sales approach for a seamless customer experience across multiple devices.

The process of mobile app development involves six key stages. These include:

Strategy and ideation: Create a strategy that defines your application’s purpose, audience, competition, and goals to ideate and come up with a concept for it.

Analysis and planning: Defining use cases and determining functional requirements to build a product roadmap. This is also where the skills needed are identified to recruit the required talent to build the mobile application.

App design: UI/UX designing of the application, including wireframes, style guides, information workflows and architecture, and mockups.

App development: Develop the application across three key aspects - API, back-end, and front-end - based on your requirements. This means it can be native, cross-platform, progressive, or hybrid application development.

App testing: Performing quality assurance testing during the development cycle to check if the app is stable and secure. This typically involves user experience, functional, security, performance, and device/platform testing.

App deployment and support: Developing the app by submitting it to the required app store. This final stage also involves regularly updating the app, identifying bugs, and enhancing its features for continuous usage.

Hybrid app development combines web and native solutions to create a hybrid solution. This involves embedding the code written with HTML, CSS, or other languages into the native app, using plugins, to access native functionalities. Here, the code written can be used for various platforms, allowing the app to exist wherever desired.

Although similar, cross-platform app development is done to create reusable and shareable code to build apps for different operating systems. While this ensures robust functionality, affordability, and easy implementation, it lacks the customization and performance of hybrid development.

Turing offers end-to-end mobile app development services that are completely personalized for your business. We provide deeply-vetted development talent with ample industry experience to build iOS, Android, hybrid, cross-platform, or progressive web applications for your business, depending on your priorities. Moreover, our experts also offer consistent support and maintenance solutions to ensure your mobile app runs smoothly and enhances its potential over time for maximum continuity.

At Turing, our combined 125+ years of software solutions experience help us create world-class tech solutions across multiple industries, including finance, automotive, tech, healthcare, and others. Our mobile app development services are designed to help you adopt the same solutions to achieve business success. We provide AI-matched development talent to promise results by collaborating with industry experts who analyze your unique objectives and create expert solutions.

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