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Business transformation is AI transformation. Get business solutions from the professionals in artificial intelligence and machine learning. Our experts have mastered AI/ML development and implementation for top tech companies, including us.

Turing creates business solutions with AI & ML

We use our AI experience to help clients convert their data into business value across various industries—deploying AI technologies around NLP, computer vision, and text processing. Our clients have realized significant value in their supply chain management (SCM), pricing, product bundling and development, and personalization and recommendations capabilities among many others. 
An AI marketplace for supply chain optimization and excellence

An AI marketplace for supply chain optimization and excellence

Learn how Turing AI Services helped a Fortune 100 client leverage the power of AI to detect unusual supply chain patterns, automate their customer service experience, and support the detection and prevention of diseases.

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Turing Case Study: AI pricing algorithm for high-tech B2B & B2C products

An AI pricing algorithm for high-tech B2B & B2C products

Learn how Turing AI Services brought clarity to a Fortune 100 client’s consumer strategy by taking historical pricing data, market demand, and competitor information to build a pricing recommendation solution that increased sales. 

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Turing Case Study: Advanced programs to train AI models at scale

High-quality, advanced programs to train AI models at scale

Learn how Turing AI Services provided operational clarity, increased efficiency, and scalability for a client looking for powerful interactive chatbots and coding models to identify and correct bugs in code.

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The AI that built Turing

Behind the Talent Cloud: The AI that built Turing

We’ve developed AI solutions for our own automated technical proficiency assessments, successful job candidate identification, lead scoring, supply and demand forecasting, and marketing spend optimization. Our custom search and recommendation algorithms leverage both large language model (LLM) and natural language processing (NLP) technologies, for rapid business scaling and ever-increasing value to our clients.

For our technical proficiency assessment and matching ML models, we combined our solid data foundations with an ML platform built on Vertex AI. Deep dive into how we enhanced our Talent Cloud ML models to identify the most competent developers for a particular tech talent requirement, improving our interview success rate by 40%.

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Our AI service offerings

AI Implementation Strategy

Get an AI strategy that aligns to your business goals. Our experts have mastered the art of applying AI at scale and will build your custom AI strategy roadmap, proof of concepts, scalable AI infrastructure, and production-grade AI solution deployment.

Depending on your business priorities, we’ll use a unique model methodology to maximize value realization for your AI solution. Through use case selection, applicability and feasibility of implementation, and other important factors we’ll guide you towards a decision where AI rewards your time and effort investment and your company’s data trains models that suit you best.

Our experts, having spent time at some of the top AI hyperscalers and established AI technology firms, know exactly how to develop, test, and deploy the right technologies to deliver the best value for you.

With Turing’s AI Strategy Implementation services, we’ll help you realize and identify the highest value opportunities from implementing AI solutions into your business.

Our AI implementation strategy details:

  • AI strategy roadmap – validate feasibility of using AI for identified set of use cases, analysis of data availability, and possibility of data monetization

  • AI technology implementation – identify the right toolset for your AI initiatives, and establish methods and processes to achieve reliable MLOps and ModelOps

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