How to Hire iOS App Developers: Step-By-Step Guide for 2023

How to hire IOS developers

Companies are finding it challenging to hire iOS app developers to build engaging and flawless business applications. With business requirements constantly changing, iOS app developers have to keep up with the latest trends and upgrade their skill sets. Moreover, the digital revolution brought by smartphones has increased the demand for iOS app developers and iOS programmers.

Android and iOS smartphones have 99.6 percent of the market share, out of which only 20.38 percent belong to iOS users. Still, iOS users spend more than Android users on premium mobile features like paid applications, iCloud storage, etc.

Hence, companies are actively looking to hire iOS app developers and iOS programmers to build excellent applications that can become a great source of revenue for them.

What is iOS development?

Simply put, iOS application development is creating applications for Apple's operating system. It involves working with programming languages like Objective C and Swift. Devices that use Apple’s operating system include iPhone, iPod, iPad, Apple Watch, and Mac. The iOS platform is feature-rich and helps build applications that offer high performance and security.

Why does your company need to hire iOS developers?

Let’s start this with some key stats. Apple generated over $365 billion in revenue in 2021 out of which 52 % came from iPhone sales alone. The wearable technology division of Apple grew by 25 percent. Also, since the fiscal year 2020, Apple has sold over 70 million iPads, 40 million Apple watches, 20 million Macbook units, and 110 million AirPods. Moreover, between the same period, its services division, including Apple Music and Apple TV was responsible for 18 percent of revenue.

Every company selling its services digitally needs to hire iOS app developers who can create native iOS applications. If they don't, then they won’t be able to sell to the rich apple users market.

Most iOS app developers can not only create native iOS applications, but they can also create cross-platform applications that work on Android and iOS. iPhone applications made by iOS programmers improve customer experience and help in achieving high business growth. Also, they come with a better security layer and can work offline across devices.

Responsibilities of iOS app developers

  • Creating advanced business applications on the iOS platform
  • Fixing bugs and improving application performance
  • Planning, designing, and adding new features
  • Working with cross-functional teams
  • Unit-testing code for robustness, reliability, and usability

Skills iOS app developers must have

To hire iOS app developers, you will need to evaluate them on both soft and hard skills. iOS programmers need to have the right set of technical skills to ensure that the application that they create provides a rich user experience and aligns well with the business goals of the organization. Apart from technical skills, iOS app developers also need to have the right soft skills to work well within the organization and build a positive work environment.

Technical skills essential for iOS app developers:

Some of the prominent technical skills needed for an iOS developer are as follows.

Knowledge of Swift

iOS app developers must have sufficient knowledge of Swift. In swift, APIs are very easy to read and maintain. This is because Swift makes it easier to infer and return values with named parameters. Code is cleaner due to inferred types that reduce the number of errors for iOS programmers. Swift also supports emojis and several languages with the help of Unicode-correct strings. Memory usage is optimized and most of the use-cases are optimized for high performance. Other benefits of swift for iOS app developers include easy to use and strong generics, native error handling, multiple return values and tuples, fast iteration, supportive structs, protocol extensions, and enums.

Xcode IDE

Xcode is a code editor that is a part of an integrated development environment IDE. iOS developers who know Xcode IDE can create an application that offers an excellent user experience. Xcode supports various programming languages like C, C++, Swift, Objective C, Java, Applescript, Python, and Ruby. Xcode offers a productive environment that allows iOS programmers to create and publish applications on the iOS platform. With Xcode, iOS app developers can compile, write and debug the application and submit it to the app store. Popular tools of Xcode include text editor, compiler, and source code checker.

Spatial reasoning

Spatial reasoning in terms of application development is described as the ability to think from a user’s perspective and how they will interact with the application. It is an essential skill for iOS app developers as they need to first envision how the application should be before they implement their plans. iOS app developers with spatial reasoning skills can think creatively and logically to provide a rich user experience with their well-designed applications.

Human interface and design guidelines

All iOS app developers need to comply with the human interface and design guidelines set by Apple. The human interface guidelines offer key insights for designing more intuitive and engaging interfaces. Also, iOS app developers can choose from different UI sources for different Apple platforms. The design guidelines ensure that the quality of all applications built by different iOS app developers remains the same.

JSON and core data

Knowledge of JSON is essential for iOS app developers, as without it they won’t know how to send and receive data over networks. It is also used to create multiple JSON strings and parse data. iOS app developers must also possess knowledge of core data as it helps users store their progress on Apple's devices. Applications that do not use core data as per the set guidelines run the risk of not storing user data which can ruin all the hard work iOS app developers have done on their applications.

UI and UX:

User interface(UI) refers to how the product appears in front of the user, whereas User experience(UX) refers to how the user feels about the application while using it. iOS app developers must possess sound knowledge of UI and UX to create applications that look good and are easy to use.

Essential soft skills for iOS app developers

Here are some of the soft skills an iOS developer should have:

Communication skills

iOS app developers must possess fine communication skills to express themselves clearly. Communication skills will enable them to raise concerns over decisions that they think can affect a project adversely. At the same time, they will also be eager to put forth any new idea that they think the organization can benefit from. iOS app developers who do not possess sound communication skills can be hesitant and refrain from speaking openly. Communication skills can be gauged through both verbal and written communication. Candidates with good oral communication skills will be able to express themselves easily whereas candidates with good written communication skills can easily draft clearly worded emails and reports.

Time-management skills

Every team within the organization gets a deadline for the project they have been assigned internally or externally. If you have a team of iOS app developers who do not have strong time-management skills, then chances are that you will have to exceed the deadline for the project quite frequently. Good time management is a sign of a strong work ethic that makes iOS app developers disciplined and sincere in their approach to work.

Recruiters should hire iOS app developers who are punctual and can give the correct timeline of a project after discussing it with everyone involved including the client and their team members. This can only be done by iOS app developers with good time-management skills. They will take into account their team size and the organization’s resources before deciding on a timeline. Therefore, they will calculate the time a particular project will take and give the correct estimate.


Successful application development requires collaboration with different team members. iOS app developers who know that the team should always come first approach all projects in the right manner. They can facilitate positive idea exchanges and can help greatly with conflict resolution as and when any conflict arises within the team.

Interpersonal skills

iOS app developers with sound teamwork skills must also possess good interpersonal skills as they are closely related. iOS app developers with good interpersonal skills help build the right tolerance among employees, use appropriate humor in the workplace and use empathy to support them in difficult times.

Leadership skills

Leadership skills are essential for iOS app developers who want to lead their teams. iOS app developers with leadership skills take responsibility for their actions and also show a lot of initiative for new projects. They are also effective in uplifting team members after a project has not worked as expected and guiding them towards success with their mentorship and positive attitude.

Common interview questions to ask iOS app developers

There are a set of questions that recruiters must always ask iOS app developers to understand whether they are the right fit for the organization or not. The right interview questions help reveal the candidate's abilities and how easy or difficult it will be for them to align with the company’s culture.

  • Are you familiar with iOS architecture?

Ans: iOS architecture consists of four layers that iOS app developers must know.

  • Can you identify iOS properties in the following code?

Ans: iOS applications can have different properties, which can be gauged by giving a simple code test to the candidate.

  • Do you know the different states of iOS applications?

Ans: There are five states namely active, inactive, background, not running, and suspended.

  • What are the different programming languages that you can use for iOS development?

Ans: iOS app developers can use C, C++, Swift, JavaScript, and Objective C for ios app development.

These are some of the common interview questions that iOS developers must be able to answer easily for entry-level positions. However, if you are hiring for a senior-level position then please ask extensive questions which check their skill and problem-solving abilities.

How much should you pay to hire iOS app developers?

To hire iOS app developers who are the perfect fit for your organization there are several things that you need to consider. Firstly, clearly define the experience needed for the job as you will need to hire iOS app developers for junior, mid-level, and senior roles. The salary for all these roles should be as per the industry standards. However, if you come across candidates who are exceptional and have skills that will not only enable them to perform their role in the best way but also contribute to the organization in other ways then you can offer them a higher salary.

Organizations must also define the responsibilities and budget before hiring iOS app developers. By having clearly defined objectives, recruiters can conduct interviews more efficiently.

Some organizations may require only a single senior developer who has expertise in particular skills and two to three junior developers who can work with him/her. On the other hand, Organizations that have several large projects are looking to develop separate teams of iOS app developers with the specific skills and expertise required to complete unique projects. Such an organization will need to hire different iOS app developers for different teams and can have 2-3 senior developers and a project head.

Why hiring iOS app developers with Turing can help?

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Frequently Asked Questions

If you are looking to hire an iPhone app developer, then first you need to draft a lucid job description enlisting your requirements, and the relevant details related to the job. Next, you need to vet the developers by looking at their applications, and then interview them for their suitability for the role. Turing can help you find the best iPhone app developers through an AI-powered vetting engine that sources the best developers in the world.

iOS is one of the fastest growing platforms and it powers a large percentage of devices globally. Moreover, it provides a high degree of safety features, excellent revenue options to the developers, and a highly efficient user interface experience. This is why most businesses have their own iOS apps to harness the power of the platform. This directly translates to high demand for iOS developers.

The cost of hiring mobile app developers differs depending on a number of factors that include the scale of the development project, experience and expertise of the developer, and market standard for the specific region. However, according to Glowid, broadly it can cost you anywhere between $10 to $70 per hour for hiring mobile app developers.

There are several advantages of having an iOS app for businesses. The iOS app provides an excellent platform for businesses to extend their business functionality through easy access and tons of high utility features. The iOS app also helps in increasing brand awareness by bringing in high visibility, in turn providing a sustainable revenue generation option.

iOS is one of the most popular and highly prominent operating systems that powers a large number of devices across the globe. The iOS apps tend to be highly popular and the iOS platform provides elevated levels of brand awareness. Owing to the ease of access, mass reach, and scalable business functionality that the iOS platform provides, businesses should develop an iOS app based on their custom requirements.

There are numerous languages and tech stack that are utilized in iOS app development. Some of the prominent and popular technologies include Objective-C, Swift, Flutter, React Native; iOS frameworks like RxSwift, SwiftUI, and Realm; database technologies such as Oracle, MySQL, and SQLServer among others.

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