How to Hire iOS App Developers: Step-By-Step Guide

How to hire IOS developers


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Frequently Asked Questions

If you are looking to hire an iPhone app developer, then first you need to draft a lucid job description enlisting your requirements, and the relevant details related to the job. Next, you need to vet the developers by looking at their applications, and then interview them for their suitability for the role. Turing can help you find the best iPhone app developers through an AI-powered vetting engine that sources the best developers in the world.

iOS is one of the fastest growing platforms and it powers a large percentage of devices globally. Moreover, it provides a high degree of safety features, excellent revenue options to the developers, and a highly efficient user interface experience. This is why most businesses have their own iOS apps to harness the power of the platform. This directly translates to high demand for iOS developers.

The cost of hiring mobile app developers differs depending on a number of factors that include the scale of the development project, experience and expertise of the developer, and market standard for the specific region. However, according to Glowid, broadly it can cost you anywhere between $10 to $70 per hour for hiring mobile app developers.

There are several advantages of having an iOS app for businesses. The iOS app provides an excellent platform for businesses to extend their business functionality through easy access and tons of high utility features. The iOS app also helps in increasing brand awareness by bringing in high visibility, in turn providing a sustainable revenue generation option.

iOS is one of the most popular and highly prominent operating systems that powers a large number of devices across the globe. The iOS apps tend to be highly popular and the iOS platform provides elevated levels of brand awareness. Owing to the ease of access, mass reach, and scalable business functionality that the iOS platform provides, businesses should develop an iOS app based on their custom requirements.

There are numerous languages and tech stack that are utilized in iOS app development. Some of the prominent and popular technologies include Objective-C, Swift, Flutter, React Native; iOS frameworks like RxSwift, SwiftUI, and Realm; database technologies such as Oracle, MySQL, and SQLServer among others.

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