Know How Much Does It Cost to Hire an iOS Developer

How Much Does It Cost to Hire an iOS Developer?

Businesses today have transitioned to an online realm, and even more so with the increase of smartphones and tablets in the market. High-level data traffic comes from mobile devices, and a significant chunk (27.22 percent) is derived from iOS operating systems, according to a report by StatCounter.

That said, hiring a dedicated developer to turn your business idea into reality is crucial. In doing this, it is essential to know how much it costs to hire iOS developers.

This information has been put together specifically for those who want to find the ideal cost and make a decision quickly. You don’t need to go through the hassle of multiple research as this blog covers everything.

We can also help you directly with app development, especially if you want to hire an iOS app developer. Before we get into that, let’s take a look at the core hiring aspects and factors that affect the cost of hiring mobile iOS developers.

Factors affecting the cost to hire iOS developers

Determining the cost to hire iOS developers might seem easy, but it could not be farther from the truth. Companies need to factor in the various additional charges and expenses that trail along during the recruiting process. Some of the most important factors include:


Checking qualifications is the first level of screening that enables you to gather if the candidate is fit for the job profile and can start working instantly without much hand-holding. That’s why knowing where the developer received their education, core skills, etc., can help estimate their cost. In most cases, the more the skills or expertise, the higher the cost.


It goes without saying that the cost to hire experienced iOS developers for mobile app development is higher than the rate for a developer just fresh out of college with barely any experience. In fact, you should consider candidates with in-depth learning/qualifications and some hands-on industry experience. Although experience may not be directly proportional to the quality of the work performed, this factor significantly impacts the iOS developer hiring cost.


The location of the developers is one of the crucial factors that directly affect the hiring cost of the candidate. It is impacted by the standard of living, the country's cost of living, and the labor market's saturation. For example, take a deep dive into how much it takes to hire iPhone app developers in the U.S. compared to a 3rd world country, and you will notice a significant difference between the two.


The cost per hour can also be affected by specific tech stacks. The IT market is quite flexible and quickly adapted. In fact, the software tools and technologies you choose for an application and tech stack determine the development cost, including the developer’s salary. So, an ideal programmer would be someone who can quickly acquire in-demand niches. Nevertheless, the cost to hire iOS developers who specialize in a much rare technology is usually higher.


The monetary expenses related to hiring an iOS developer are significantly affected by the hourly rate and the project's inherent nature, whether it’s complex, streamlined, or scattered in facets. After all, some developers prefer to work with the patterns well known to them and do not leave their comfort zone; some would prefer a challenge, hence, affecting the rates.

Various hiring options to hire iOS developers

When you think of how to hire iOS programmers, you can get different options: hire a freelancer, hire with staff augmentation agencies, or work with a development company.

Hiring a freelancer by yourself

Freelancers may seem the best choice, especially when you consider the price. Among other options, they usually seem more budget-friendly, with freelancer rates varying from $15 to $120 per hour. Considering these broad freelance iOS developer rates, you can hire a professional who meets your budget.

However, it’s not just the hourly rate that should be a factor. You also ought to consider the overall cost of hiring iOS developers. This involves the recruitment and hiring hassles that are inevitable when you engage in hiring by yourself.

Hire an iOS developer with a recruiting agency

This option will save time and resources since the recruiting agency will do all the hard work and offer a streamlined pool of candidates to pick the coder. In this case, the average cost would consist of a developer's hourly rate plus paying for the services of an agency.

A significant disadvantage of this method is the lack of deep technical expertise from the agency, which may not be very beneficial.

Hire an iOS developer/team with a development company

Just like with agencies, this method may not seem very budget-friendly, but when you go for a development company, you choose a reliable, high-quality partner who will help you find the best developers/team of developers to build your next project.

How much are the hiring rates of iOS developers through a development company? Well, it all depends on the pricing policy. You can get a seasoned developer/team without the hassles and bustles of a hiring operation and complete the project without difficulties.

4 Tips to hire an iPhone app developer at a reasonable cost

Understanding how much iOS developers charge per hour is essential to small companies with limited budgets and medium-sized organizations willing to make the most of their investments. Considering this, knowing just the rates per hour may not be ideal. Hence, we have prepared these tips on hiring iOS app developers and making the most of it.

Carefully analyze the market to determine how to hire mobile iOS developers and the average rates

When you proceed to the interview phase and the developer names their desired salary, you need to know how it corresponds to the average market rates. Knowing the ideal salary range is also helpful in determining the preliminary budget of the project. This is where market research comes into the picture. It allows you to create a strategy for optimal results through research and planning while reducing risk and strengthening the company’s financial standpoint.

Determine the optimal tech stack

Since technical capabilities and experience level have substantial leverage on the cost of hiring, it is best to decide on it from the onset. This will ensure you know the cost for a particular tech stack and not run at a loss. In addition, decide on the platform your application will be hosted and built on.

Consider offshoring to lower the cost to hire iOS app developers

Offshoring offers a solid option for those who want to save money but not sacrifice product quality because the cost varies significantly from country to country. First and foremost, you can hire a more qualified developer. Hiring an iOS designer for a longer period will also be possible. Overall, it brings about a fantastic deal!

Leverage staff augmentation services

If you only need a developer on a momentary basis to create an application, staff augmentation services can offer a good option. Yes, an hourly rate can be slightly higher, but when sick leave, vacations, and providing the necessary equipment are considered, the advantages are clear. Through this means, the average cost is lower in the long run.

Following these tips should help you determine the hiring rates of iOS developers, ultimately assisting you in better strategizing the hiring process and budgeting. Moreover, go through the skills to consider when hiring iOS developers to ensure the candidate’s skills, accomplishments, and objectives meet the company's needs. You should also look at iOS interview questions that can help you assess the needed skills.

Hire iOS developers based on your cost and skills requirements

When you hire an iOS developer, make sure to vet them in terms of skills and experience. An ideal candidate should be able to take charge of the project right from the design stage through development, testing, production, and launch. Here are some steps you should be mindful of when doing so:

Shortlist the target geographies from where your hiring needs could be met

Suppose you have compiled a detailed and comprehensive document of your iOS app development project. In that case, you will be capable of quickly selecting the specific geographic locations from which you want to hire iOS developers. The locations should be selected in accordance with your talent and budget needs.

Consult with an established talent company to get reliable candidates

A company like Turing that offers an Intelligent Talent Cloud can help you hire iOS developers from your chosen geographical locations in a timely and cost-effective manner. Discuss your core project needs like budget, duration, the number of professionals, tech stacks, and any other information needed to hire the best talent within days.

Check portfolios and conduct assessments of selected developers

The portfolios of the iOS developers suggested by the talent sourcing company will need to be further assessed and checked to fully confirm their capabilities. It provides a window to the candidate’s performance and showcases their weak and strong domain. You can also observe their progress through their past work experiences. When it comes to assessments, they should include an interview, evaluation of sample work, group discussions, and other tools for review.


Mobile apps are excellent for business growth, it assists right from increasing product sales and building a continuous presence to digitalizing loyalty programs and improving customer engagement. With such exemplary benefits, it only makes sense for businesses to get started with developing their own apps for Android and iOS platforms. For iOS app development, the first step toward that goal is to estimate how much it costs to hire an iOS developer and create your budget accordingly.

If you are on a tight budget or want to make the most of every dollar spent on iOS development, we recommend you join Turing, which offers excellent iOS developers for hire. Its AI-backed Intelligent Talent Cloud helps you source, hire, match, and manage remote mobile app developers. In fact, you get a 2-weeks risk-free trial period wherein you only pay if you are impressed or satisfied with the developer’s performance. If not, you pay nothing.

So, join 300+ companies that trust Turing and leverage the platform to tap into a global talent pool to hire the world’s best developers within 3-5 days.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Before you begin the interview process to hire iOS, it is crucial to prep first to ensure you have consolidated every resource needed to aptly evaluate the candidate. After all, the primary purpose of the interview is to gain information about the essential requirements. Consider the below-mentioned steps -

  1. Create a relaxed interview setting
  2. Give candidates apt time to do the talking
  3. GIve careful consideration to your questions
  4. Ensure to close on the right note.

The total cost or expenditure of developing apps for iOS platforms differs depending on the type of app you are building and the resources you are using for the development process. However, generally, there is not much financial difference in building iOS and Android apps. In contrast, developing enterprise-level apps for high-level functionality is much more expensive than iOS development.

An engaging job description is key to hiring top talents for your company. That’s why an ideal job description should mention essential responsibilities, activities, qualifications, and skills for a role. Once the candidate goes through it, they should be able to understand what the job actually entails. Furthermore, a job description should include important company details, like - mission, culture, and any benefits it provides to employees.

The iOS developer should possess a range of skills to build highly scalable and productive iOS applications. Some of the prominent skills that an iOS developer must have include expertise in Swift and Objective C, understanding of iOS frameworks, knowledge of database technologies, experience in designing UI/UX, familiarity with code versioning tools, along with excellent soft skills.

The cost of hiring iOS developers varies based on numerous factors that include where the developer is located, experience the developer has, complexity of the project, and the developer's expertise in different tech stacks. If you are hiring an iOS developer then it can cost you anywhere between $16 - $57 per hour as per PayScale.

Yes, iOS is one of the most prominent and in-demand platforms for developing highly productive apps in the market. The ROI for iOS development is excellent as it enables your applications to provide the necessary business functionality on a large number of devices across the world. The iOS also provides ease of access to the end-users and a high degree of visibility for your applications.

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