ReactJS: All You Need to Know as a Recruiter and a ReactJS Developer

Among all the JavaScript libraries and frameworks, ReactJS has always earned a leading position. With that being said, clients and businesses prioritize hiring React developers for building powerful dynamic platforms. But how to hire React developers from a pool of potential candidates? Let's dive in to know!

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ReactJS is one of the most popular development libraries that help developers and companies to create even the most complex forum in a speedy manner. Not just that, it also helps web platforms to rank better on SERPs while also simplifying the process of updating them in a timely manner. However, it is a ted difficult to find a highly experienced, skilled, and reliable developer due to the increasing competition. So, how’s the way out?

Frequently Asked Questions

React Portal is a method of rendering children into a DOM node that resides outside the parent component's DOM hierarchy. While React Fragment allows developers to group a list of children without adding extra nodes to the DOM. A well-experienced React developer knows how to use both these methods.

Developers in the ReactJS community get involved by contributing to the active development of the library. Developers from both core team members and external contributors send pull request in GitHub. You want to hire ReactJS developers who are actively involved with the ReactJS community.

A React event is also known as a SyntheticEvent, while DOM events are nativeEvent that re basically mapped to the browser in which the app is running. You want to hire ReactJS developers who can explain how these two event systems are different using stopImmediatePropagation().

DOM is basically a Document Object Model which depicts the user interface of the concerned platform. DOMS get lower every time a change is made in the UI and this is when virtual DOMS come in. The virtual DOM is a virtual representation of the UI and is maintained in memory. So whenever a change is made in a website or application, the Virtual DOM gets updated instead of the real DOM. This makes the update process easier and faster.

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With React Reconciliation, developers need not worry about exactly what changes with each update, thanks to its declarative API. An expert React developer use this technique to work efficiently.

There are several ways for developers to fill a React Component with CSS. A proficient ReactJS developer use methods like inline styling, SASS / SCSS, etc. Hire React developers who have experience in these methods.

To prevent a component from re-rendering when using a React class component, developers mostly use the shouldComponentUpdate method or a React.PureComponent class extension. Hire React developers who are highly experienced in this regard.

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Yes. React is one of the most popular and versatile technologies loved by developers and businesses alike. It is ideal for speedy development and for making any project go live in a short duration of time. All this is followed by timely updates and ease of undertaking changes in the interface with ease.

In ReactJS, PropTypes exports a number of validators, which can be utilized to guarantee the validity of the data. You want to hire ReactJS developer who is well adequate to this term.

Developers use React Refs to access DOM nodes as well as React elements created in the render method. Hire ReactJS developers who can describe problems like triggering imperative animations, and integrating with third-party DOM libraries. These problems can be solved by using React Refs.

There are several steps involved while migrating from Class to Function Components in ReactJS. These include changing class to a function, removing the render method, converting all the methods to functions, etc. You want to hire React developers who know every step in this process.

The task of hiring a React developer can be tricky as there are multiple developers who claim their efficiency in this technology. To find and hire the best talent, you need to come up with a vetting process that could test the candidates’ ability to adapt to the company culture and to troubleshooting the most complex issues in the development phase. To save time and money that would go into creating such an extensive vetting process, you can choose a dedicated platform like Turing and rest assured to find the best talent in a matter of a few days.

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