What should be included in a remote work policy?

How do I support an employee working remotely?

How do I monitor remote workers?

The Remote Work Guide answers all these questions! 

How can this free Remote Work Guide help you?

Newly remote teams can find tips for adapting to remote work.

Organizations looking to enhance their remote processes can pick up new ideas here.

How can this free Remote Work Guide help you?

Managers can find the best practices for building high-performing teams in a remote/hybrid setup.

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Why Turing.com's Remote Work Guide?

The guide draws from Turing's years of experience of going boundaryless with 1000+ employees and a global talent pool of 1.5 million+ developers .

The guide shares insights by top remote engineering leaders from LinkedIn, GitLab, Amazon, and more!

With this guide, Turing hopes to:

- Build a framework of pragmatic solutions

- Remote work tools and resources

- Remote work tools and resources

- Best practices to leverage and scale your remote teams

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