Top 5 Industries That Are Paying Fortunes to Data Scientists

1. Finance

Within the finance industry, data science allows professionals to analyze big data for risk modeling and to find means to generate alpha. As a result, they need experts in the area and are ready to pay fortunes to them.

2. Computer Systems Design

Data science plays a vital role in the design, it delivers actionable insights for automating and enhancing the mechanics of the processes. This has led to a large demand for such skills in the industry.

3. Aerospace

Aerospace companies closely work with data scientists as they assist in graphically visualizing the data to analyze the speed, altitude, and stability of the aircraft during flight, as well as aid in assessing damage and crack growth progression.

4. Technological consulting

Data scientists aid in consulting by predicting churn and preventing any cost overruns, inciting an upsurge in demand for data scientists.

4. Scientific Research 

The primary job of a researcher is to understand and extract meaning from data. That’s why the industry wants professionals who can glean useful information from big data.

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