Tips To Ace Your Remote Developer Interview


1. Do Your Research

Start by getting familiar with the company and understanding them. Read various articles about the company and the various new technologies they use.

2. Conduct a Mock Interview

Ask your friends to prepare some questions, technical and soft skills, and take a mock interview of yours. This will help you get familiar with the type of questions that would be asked.

3. Talk About Your Projects

Go through the process of how you handled your projects. Were you the project team leader? If yes, then talk about how you handled that position of responsibility. Talk about various technologies used in your project.

4. Be Versatile

Explain your various experiences regarding different technologies. Be it your coding experiences in C++, Python, or your experience in using libraries such as React.js.

5. Ask Questions

Ask your queries regarding the various technologies the company uses. Give your recommendations and get to know the company from a technological perspective.

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