Are you planning to rewrite the code that has been written by previous team members?

Do you think rewriting it from scratch is the only option?

Well, it is not.

Here is why you should not rewrite the code-------->


Do you know why the old system is not working?

If you're not sure about what's causing trouble in the old code, how can you ensure that the new code will solve the issue you're facing?


You just want to experiment a new feature!

Does your product really require the feature you're experimenting with? Or is the old code enough? Think this through.


You don't have any other plan except rewriting the code.

Rewriting the code is not a small task. It will take considerable time and team effort. So think again before rewriting.

Try Turing Teams!

Do you want to hire a team of pre-vetted software developers to write high-quality code that won't require rewriting?