Who are moms in tech? 

How can companies hire tech moms?

How can companies support moms in tech?

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Mother's Day 2022

Mother's Day 2022

Moms in tech are Superheros.

Moms in tech hold high-powered professions, develop businesses, and manage homes while looking after their children and juggling chores.

Moms in tech are very few.

Out of total 71%, 24% women work in the tech space, and less than 17%  are working mothers.

 Moms in tech need support.

Tech moms often face depression, post-traumatic stress, pay gap disparity, and workplace discrimination at work.

Empower them...

 - Provide health insurance

 - Give medical support

 - Offer interest free credit

 - Assign mentors & guides

 - Implement 3-2-2 Model

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