How  to tackle time-zone constraints in remote work?

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Prioritize Asynchronous Work

Asynchronous work must take precedence while working with a remote team. You can get started with async standups on Slack.

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Set & Respect Work Hours

The biggest obstacle in working with a team in different time zones is to align working hours. Set up a half-day overlap when the whole team is online for 2-4 hours.

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Leverage Time Zone Tools

Instead of managing different time zones manually all the time, using a time zone tool like Boomerang will help you manage all the time zones straight.

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Manage Meeting Schedules

In order to accommodate everyone's time zones, schedule meetings accordingly. At the same time, record meetings for those who cannot attend.

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Respect Cultural Norms

Working across countries and cultures is another aspect of internationally distributed teams. Make it a priority to allow your employees to take off holidays based on their country.

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Organize Offsite Retreats

Prepare an offsite retreat for the team to come together and spend some quality time together while also tackling some professional difficulties.

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