How to Optimize your Software Development Job Search?

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Use quotation marks ("") in your query to get search results containing that exact phrase.


E.g. “Remote ReactJS jobs” 

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Use dashes (-) to exclude specific terms from results.


E.g. Remote jobs -fresher will bring up all the web pages containing remote jobs and excluding fresher.

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Use Tilde (~) to get results both for that specific word and its synonyms.


E.g. Remote ~developer jobs will show you results for terms like developer, coder, programmer, engineer, etc.

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Use AND or + and combine two keywords in one search.


E.g. Remote +jobs +ReactJS will ensure the search results include ReactJS, jobs, and remote.

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Use OR or | to get web pages that contain either of the words.


For example, Remote jobs Python | AWS will include pages that contain either Python or AWS.

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Simplify your job search with Turing!

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