June 23, 2022, is Alan Turing's 110th birthday.

What is Alan Turing famous for? 

What happened to Alan Turing?

What does Alan Turing teach us?

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Alan Turing is known as the founder of contemporary computer sciences.

He was an English mathematician, logician, and cryptographer who broke the Nazi Enigma code during the world War II. 

What happened to Alan Turing?

Alan Turing committed suicide in 1954 two years after being outed as gay. 

He was convicted of "gross indecency" as the UK did not decriminalized homosexuality until 1967.

Five things Alan Turing taught us about problem-solving:

1. Diversity leads to faster solutions

2. Ideology has the potential to sabotage even the most ingenious plans

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With a 50-pound note dedicated to him, a movie, a British pardon, and an apology, Turing is getting the recognition he deserves.

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