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11 Ways to Motivate Remote Software Developers in 2024

By June 2, 2022 4 min read

How do you motivate remote software developers? How do you encourage team members in software development? How do you empower remote employees?

Keep reading to find out!


Motivated and engaged employees perform better, stay in their job roles longer, and are less vulnerable to burnout.

According to a recent survey, more than 94 percent of HR professionals believe that motivating staff helps boost a company’s sales. Also, higher levels of employee engagement significantly improve a firm’s profitability. 

So, how do managers and leaders, who may be exhausted themselves, motivate remote software developers? Here’s how.

11 ways to motivate remote software developers in 2024

  1. Appreciation notes and emails to remote software developers

    A reward system is one of the most cost-effective ways to inspire your remote software developers. Managers can send gratitude messages to remote staff using apps like iAppreciate, Workmates, or Slack bots like EngageWith.

    These apps provide public acknowledgment and motivate other team members to perform well. Such apps also help with peer-to-peer recognition, which is a good motivator.

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  2. Bonuses and gift cards

    A monetary incentive is a sure-shot way to show remote employees that you value their efforts. The prospect of a reward, such as raises or bonuses, keeps developers engaged and helps them meet their objectives.

    Also, offering remote employees gift cards or other subscription services fosters healthy competition. Such gestures motivate them to do their best and boost productivity at work.
  3. Regular team-building exercises

    Employees can feel motivated through team-building games or exercises. These activities could be related to your job or purely recreational. There are a ton of virtual team-building activities you can use to keep your remote team connected. Digital card games, watercooler trivia, recipe swap, and Donut meetups are some of them. Motivating employees through team-building events is an effective way to boost their work ethic. These events can help rejuvenate staff, boost team bonding, and increase productivity.
  4. A suggestion box for remote employees

    A suggestion box can help motivate remote software developers by allowing them to express their issues about the workplace discreetly. This solution can make employees realize that the company is receptive to their problems.

    Freesuggestionbox and Suggestionox are two popular websites for anonymous employee suggestions.
  5. Opportunities for development for remote employees

    According to a recent study, around 33 percent of workers say professional growth is essential in deciding whether to accept a job. And so, providing growth opportunities is one of the most effective methods to encourage employees and enhance productivity. You can significantly raise an employee’s morale and productivity by investing in their career or personal growth.

    Providing frequent opportunities for advancement through training and workshops will motivate employees to stay with your organization. 
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  6. Set internal targets

    To ensure optimum productivity in remote software developers, managers can set ambitious goals, i.e., targets slightly above the team’s capacity. But remember, targets far beyond your team’s capabilities can be intimidating.  On the other hand, if the goals seem challenging yet attainable, they inspire people to work more and produce more.

    So, to keep your team motivated, set balanced goals and split project goals between all team members.
  7. Vacation & surprise days-offs

    One of the most effective ways to motivate remote software developers is to offer extra vacation days and surprise days-offs post project completion. This practice can encourage them to meet goals on time and boost productivity.
  8. Special awards to remote software developers

    Compensation may bring happiness, but it does not satisfy employees’ deep yearning to feel valued for their work. Implementing an awards system that recognizes each remote employee’s accomplishments shows them that you’re paying attention and appreciating their efforts.

    Awards like ‘Employee of the Month or Year’ engage remote employees effectively. These activities motivate them to keep working harder. Here are a few award titles as examples: 
    1. The Eccentric Performer
    2. The Star Employee
    3. Achiever of the Month
    4. The High Flyer
    5. The Ace Employee
    6. The Mountain Mover
    7. The Growth Driver
  9. Frequent feedback

    Establishing a culture of sharing consistent feedback and constructive criticism can help remote employees perform their best. Managers must understand that regular feedback plays a significant role in motivating remote employees. Before sharing feedback, managers must first comprehend the remote employees’ needs, strengths, and shortcomings to help them perform better. 
  10. Team lunches

    Companies should set aside designated days for team lunches to help employees bond with their supervisors and coworkers. These meetings can be virtual on zoom calls or in-person in restaurants and cafes.

    Team lunches can help employees enhance their interpersonal skills, which, in turn, can help them work better together.

    In addition, delivering food or meal prep kits to remote workers is also a great way to engage with them personally. 

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  11. Shout-outs on social media

    When employee accomplishments go on a physical or virtual bulletin board in the office, their peers appreciate their hard work, inspiring the awardee to perform even better. Similarly, social media mentions or features in corporate newsletters can improve remote employees’ morale in a remote or hybrid setup.

    Such public acclaim gives remote employees a sense of accomplishment,  distinct from attaining a goal, and encourages them to keep working hard.

Which is the best way to motivate remote software developers?

So, how should you start motivating remote software developers? 

Open communication is the first step toward motivating your team. Knowing the team’s perspective allows you to analyze whether you satisfy team needs. You can also identify an opportunity for improvement. But sometimes, it’s hard to execute both with a considerable workforce.

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  1. How do you motivate team members in software development?
    Here are 11 ways to motivate remote software developers:
    1. Send appreciation notes and emails
    2. Offer bonuses and gift cards 
    3. Conduct regular team-building exercises
    4. Maintain a virtual suggestion box 
    5. Provide opportunities for development 
    6. Set internal targets
    7. Offer vacations and surprise days-offs
    8. Give frequent feedback 
    9. Arrange team lunches
    10. Give shout-outs on social media

  2. How do you motivate a developer? 
    If you want to motivate or inspire software developers, help them progress in their careers. You can assign them exciting projects and responsibilities, conduct periodic performance reviews, help them increase their network, and more.

  3. How do you manage and motivate a remote workforce? 
    You can encourage your remote staff by providing the tools they need to execute their jobs, cultivating a culture of trust, adopting a growth mentality, and maintaining open lines of communication. 

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11 Tips to Motivate and Inspire Remote Software Developers
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11 Tips to Motivate and Inspire Remote Software Developers
Motivate remote software developers: 1. Appreciation mails, bonuses, and gifts. 2. Team-building exercises. 3. Surprise off-days. 4. Shout-outs on social media
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