6 ways to boost your hiring process

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Top 6 Ways to Boost Your Hiring Process

By July 28, 2022 5 min read

How do you plan a hiring process? How do you attract employees in 2024? How can we improve the hiring process?

Looking for answers to these questions? Keep reading.

With the global talent shortage at an all-time high, hiring managers are struggling to fill the open positions. HRs are feeling pressured by their employers to close important roles.

According to a recent survey, 50 percent of companies believe they haven’t met their hiring goals in the last year. In addition, around 76 percent of SMB CEOs want to increase their employee headcount in 2024. 

Though companies are focused on hiring processes and employee retention, the talent shortage is a looming issue for organizations, especially after the Great Resignation that recorded 20-year high job vacancies. 

To overcome the hiring challenges, businesses must set up solid hiring structures that include modern hiring tools and strategies. So, here are the top six strategies that businesses can implement to improve their existing hiring process: 

Hiring process

6 tips to improve the existing hiring process

  1. Appreciate the efforts of the HR and recruiting teams

    During the pandemic, most human resource professionals could not balance work and life. According to a recent survey, 98 percent of HR professionals suffered burnout, and 97 percent experienced emotional fatigue.

    So, companies need to appreciate and recognize the efforts of the HRs. To do this, employers can give shout-outs in company meetings, reward HR employees with skill enhancement programs, free lunches, office parties, and encourage peer appreciation.

    Apart from these benefits, companies should implement wellness programs like yoga sessions, counseling, stress management workshops, and more for HR employees to address their stress. In addition, employers can also introduce days-offs and flexible working hours for their team. This gesture will boost the morale of HR employees and improve the hiring process.
  2. Watch out for the time to hire

    In the US and UK, 58 percent of HR managers say there is a negative impact on business performance because of a delay in the hiring process. Due to the delay in the time to hire candidates, companies may miss out on the best talent.

    The communication gap between the hiring managers and the candidates should be less for an efficient hiring process. Managers should make quick decisions to fill the open positions before the candidates change their plans of joining the particular role. The lower the time to hire, the better the candidate’s experience will be.

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  3. Improve internal talent-hiring

    Conducting an internal recruitment process is important to retain employees, boost diversity and inclusion, and ensure employees’ growth. Seventy-three percent of hiring professionals think that the internal hiring process is significant for a company, and promotions like a salary increase, recognizing employees’ work, and assigning challenging tasks and work based on their strengths are key to retaining employees.

    Companies can implement a successful internal hiring process by creating customized job descriptions, providing easy access to open positions, and investing in employees’ professional development.

    The internal hiring policies should be clear to employees to know where to search for job postings in the company. Internal recruitment reduces training costs, saves time in screening and interviewing, and employees succeed better.
  4. Prioritize relevant employee soft skills

    Assessing soft skills is essential when evaluating candidates. The top soft skills to look for are empathy, agility, passion, capability, communication, and judgment.

    Julie Sweet, CEO of Accenture, states that skills relevant to Fortune 500 companies, a few years back, are not relevant today. Candidates’ soft skills can be assessed through pre-employment tests, observing physical and social cues while interviewing, how candidates rank their skills from strongest to weakest, and asking for examples where they demonstrated their skills in work.
  5. Provide competitive compensation and benefits

    According to a survey, 63 percent of US employees said compensation is vital in determining job satisfaction. Rewards, recognition, and compensation are highly motivating factors that pump life into the hiring process and boost employees’ morale.

    Incentives, bonuses, pay hikes, cash compensations, comprehensive health packages, non-cash rewards, and flexible work hours are some benefits companies can offer to attract and retain employees.
  6. Have a strong remote recruitment process

    As per a survey by FlexiJobs, 58 percent of respondents said they prefer remote work.

    Remote work is becoming the new norm of the work culture. So, setting up a solid virtual hiring process should be the top priority of most companies. Companies should have the right collaborative tools, effective candidate engaging strategies, virtual onboarding processes, and evaluation methods for a seamless remote hiring process.

    It’s not an easy task for employers to hire or find great people to work with, especially after the pandemic and the Great Resignation of 2021. Some effective ways to find the best candidates are by posting on online job portals, contacting talent solutions companies or agencies, utilizing employee referrals, leveraging social media platforms, and building a robust internal recruitment structure.

Here are some tips for conducting a better hiring process:

  • List down your requirements. Determine whether you require candidates for permanent roles or temporary ones. Similarly, ascertain if you require freshers or experienced professionals. 
  • Advertise job postings on your company website, career page, social media platforms, online job boards, and within your company.
  • Devise standard recruiting strategies to remove bias while evaluating the candidates for similar positions. 
  • To make the interviews better, prepare a set of questions hiring managers should ask during recruitment and answers related to the job role.

How to create the best hiring process?

Companies need to foster candidate relationships to create an impactful hiring process. Companies must implement new recruiting methods like internal hiring, remote hiring strategies, assessing the right employee soft skills, minimizing the time to hire, and recognizing the efforts of HR employees.

Hiring mistakes like poor job descriptions, delays in interviews, and lack of communication with the applicants will refrain competent candidates from accepting the job opportunity with your company.

But, companies with a well-crafted hiring process can attract high-quality candidates. They have better customer satisfaction and increased employee retention and engagement. 

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How can we improve the recruitment process?

  1. Appreciate the efforts of the HR and recruiting teams
  2. Watch out for the time to hire 
  3. Improve internal talent-hiring 
  4. Prioritize relevant employee soft skills 
  5. Provide competitive compensation and benefits 
  6. Have a strong remote recruitment process

What should HR consider in the hiring process?

  • Determine your candidate requirements appropriate for the role
  • Advertise job postings on relevant platforms 
  • Devise standard recruiting strategies for an unbiased hiring process
  • Make your interviews better with a pre-prepared set of questions and answers

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Top 6 Ways to Improve your Hiring Process
Article Name
Top 6 Ways to Improve your Hiring Process
Improve your hiring process by 1. Appreciating HR efforts 2. Reducing hire time 3. Improving internal hiring 4. Prioritize relevant soft skills 5. Providing competitive benefits 6. Having a strong remote hiring process


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