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‘The Compensation I Get At Turing Is Better than What I Could Get in Moscow,’ Says Ivan in His Turing.com Review

By August 25, 2021 2 min read

In this edition of our Life at Turing series, we spoke to Ivan from Russia to know about his review of Turing.com. 

We regularly reach out to people working with Turing.com to listen to their success stories and understand how the company has helped them achieve a better work-life balance. Let’s find out how Ivan has benefitted by working remotely with the organization. 

Ivan’s Turing.com review

Since its inception, Turing has been advocating for remote work and the enormous benefits it brings for both companies and software developers. Connecting the best developers around the world with top US companies has been Turing’s number one goal. Professionals working with the company have managed to quickly scale up their skills and value. 

So, when we asked Ivan what motivated him to work remotely, he responded by saying that he was looking for options that would allow him to work from anywhere in the world and he found Turing to be a good fit. 

“I’m from Moscow but currently in Georgia, which is one of the benefits of remote work,” Ivan said.

When asked about his overall experience since joining Turing, Ivan said that he found the work culture to be innovative and forward-thinking. He added that the team culture at the workplace was great and up to his expectations.

Coming to his salary part, Ivan said: “The compensation [at Turing] is better than what I could get in Moscow. I’m already suggesting this [remote] format of working to all my friends.”

Turing as a company is not just about delivering high-quality technological solutions but committed to a lot more. It has managed to establish an approach that breaks conventional work culture. The organization aims to offer a platform that is free from any kinds of boundaries and discrimination. It offers equal opportunities to every individual regardless of who they are and where they come from.

Join the #boundaryless revolution with Turing

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The Compensation I Get At Turing Is Better than What I Could Get in Moscow,’ Says Ivan in His Turing.com Review
Article Name
The Compensation I Get At Turing Is Better than What I Could Get in Moscow,’ Says Ivan in His Turing.com Review
Russian Data Science expert shares his Turing.com review on remote software jobs, working culture, salary, work-life balance, and Silicon Valley opportunities.


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