Turing.com review by Giuseppe, Argentina: ‘Turing is a 9/10’

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‘I Would Recommend This Organization to My Friends,’ Says Giuseppe from Argentina

By October 7, 2021 2 min read

This time in our Life at Turing series, we spoke to Giuseppe from Argentina about his experience and got to know what he feels about working in the organization. 

When we asked him why he joined Turing, he said ‘ I joined because it is an innovative and a multicultural company’ and we totally agree with that.

People often fail to strike a balance between work and life but people who work at Turing hardly face any issues when it comes to this. When we asked Giuseppe about the same, he said, “I can have a lot of balance between work and my personal life and do the things that I love.”

Talking about rating and compensation, he stated, “I would scale Turing at 9 and the compensation is amazing. It is better than our national rates.”

On being asked about equality, he said, “The equality between men and women is fair.”

You know it is a place worth working at when the current employees are willing to refer it to their friends. When we asked him about the same, he noted, “Of course, I would recommend Turing to all of my friends.”

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Turing.com review by Giuseppe, Argentina: ‘Turing is a 9/10’
Article Name
Turing.com review by Giuseppe, Argentina: ‘Turing is a 9/10’
I would recommend Turing to all my friends, says Giuseppe from Argentina in his Turing.com review.


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