Turing Jobs Pedro From Brazil Enjoys High-Paying Remote US Job

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‘With Turing, My Dream to Travel the World Is Turning into a Reality,’ says Pedro from Brazil

By September 29, 2022 2 min read

Pedro, an experienced software developer from Brazil, dreams of traveling across the world. 

In a recent interview, Pedro told us that he’s inching closer to that dream with each passing day. But how is doing that? Keep reading to find out. Here’s how Pedro is earning handsomely in dollars while enjoying the flexibility of working from anywhere on his own schedule.

Working for top US companies was a distant dream before Turing 

Pedro is a skilled full-stack developer with expertise in React, Next, and Mode. He also has a keen interest in AI and computer hardware, basically anything tech. 

After Pedro completed his graduation in computer engineering, he started working as a backend developer and later progressed into a full-stack developer. 

Pedro always admired revolutionary tech companies like Google and Amazon and dreamt of working with them. But with the pandemic, his dream seemed to be far-fetched at that time. 

How did Pedro come across Turing?

One fine day, as Pedro was surfing the internet, he came across Turing. Upon visiting the website, he came to know that Turing is offering everything he has been looking for: a high-paying job with top US companies, a flexible working schedule, freedom to work from anywhere, and commission-free payments. He immediately signed up for Turing’s tests. 

Turing’s vetting process is totally automated with AI. Pedro had to take a survey about his past experience and then work on a real-time coding challenge, and lastly, he had to clear some MCQ tests for various tech stacks he has expertise in. Within a few weeks of passing the tests, he got an email from Turing. A top US company had hired him as a full-stack developer. 

Weekdays feel like weekends with a flexible work schedule

The Brazil-based developer has been enjoying the flexibility to choose his own work schedule, freedom to work from anywhere, and a high-paying salary since he started working with Turing. He adds that even though the pandemic has hit the industry pretty badly, the career opportunity given by Turing is AI and ML focused, thus enabling him to be ready for the future.

With Turing, Pedro does not have to stress about his career trajectory and financial stability. Most importantly, he is able to save for his dream to travel across the world. With a flexible schedule, he is able to give time to his wife and his dog. Pedro adds that such freedom makes the weekdays feel like weekends!

Turing is not a generic gigs platform

“Not many companies offer a career opportunity where you can have sustainable growth and get highly competitive compensation. Turing does that for me. and if you’re an experienced software developer, it can do the same for you. Turing is not a generic gigs platform but a career-oriented platform where experienced tech professionals from across the globe can find stable career growth with opportunities to work with the top US-based tech companies,” Pedro concludes with a smile.  

What are you waiting for? Sign up for Turing’s AI vetting and get hired by the top US companies to enjoy a flexible work environment and the freedom to work from anywhere in the world. 

Join a network of the world's best developers and get long-term remote software jobs with better compensation and career growth.

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Turing Jobs: Pedro From Brazil Enjoys High-Paying Remote US Job
Article Name
Turing Jobs: Pedro From Brazil Enjoys High-Paying Remote US Job
Pedro, a software developer from Brazil, who aims to go on a world tour, says working with Turing is helping him get closer to his dream every day.


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