'Turing Is the Best Place for Remote Developers’, Says Lucas

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‘Turing Is the Best Place for Remote Software Developers,’ Says Lucas from Brazil

By September 30, 2022 3 min read

Lucas is a self-taught software engineer from Brazil with over five years of experience. How did Lucas get a high-paying job for a top US company? How did Lucas achieve the greater work-life balance that most remote developers want? Let’s find out.

Life before Turing: Heavy burnout and limited vacation time

Initially, Lucas started as a Laravel intern in a Brazilian start-up. However, he soon realized that he is a workaholic who works long hours to meet his targets at the workplace. And thus, Lucas started feeling the weight of burnout.

Besides suffering from frequent programmer burnout, Lucas could not take vacations owing to his low salary. During this time, Lucas felt his passion for solving problems fading due to long work hours. After working at this start-up for four years, Lucas decided to look for better opportunities.

Lucas is among the many Brazilian remote developers working for Turing

Turing developer: Lucas

I can travel the world doing what I love

While looking for remote software developer jobs online, Lucas came across Turing on LinkedIn and decided to apply immediately. He gave the tests and then proceeded with an interview with one of Turing’s US-based clients. To his surprise, he started working for the US-based company in just a few weeks.

“I can now work from the world’s biggest city or even a small village. Remote work with Turing helps both—the workaholic and the traveler in me. I work with a great company and use state-of-the-art technology. I can travel the world doing what I love,” Lucas adds with a smile 

Turing’s vetting process for remote developers is quick and efficient

Turing uses a combination of automated tests and an AI-matching engine to match qualified engineers with remote jobs at leading companies. All developers must go through MCQ tests and coding challenges to get matched with top US companies.

Talking about his experience with Turing’s vetting process, Lucas shares, “Turing’s vetting process is quite efficient. You can start working with the best US companies from anywhere in the world in a few steps. So, don’t wait. Go to Turing.com and take your first test.”

Developers don’t need to worry about their English not being ‘perfect’

Lucas feels that one of the major challenges stopping software developers from going remote is the pressure to perfect English as a language. Many developers feel that working for top US companies requires them to be highly skilled in English apart from technical skills. However, that is not the case. 

“I was not great with English, but I started learning it consistently. If your English is basic, but your technical skills are strong, you can make it through interviews. Once you get the job, work on your English skills a lot. You can even take English classes. If you are unable to understand something while on the job, don’t hesitate to ask twice. With time, you will get better for sure,” assures the Brazil-based developer.  

Turing is the ideal place for remote developers

The software and travel enthusiast says that Turing is the best place for remote developers, as it matches developers based on seniority and skill level. “Developers can achieve long-term career growth and receive unmatched compensation from the comfort of their home,” he concludes.

If you are looking for remote developer jobs, try Turing.

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‘Turing Is the Best Place for Remote Software Developers,’ Says Lucas from Brazil
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‘Turing Is the Best Place for Remote Software Developers,’ Says Lucas from Brazil
Lucas, a remote software developer from Brazil, says he can travel the world while working with Turing. Here’s why he believes Turing is the ideal place for...


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