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Turing Announces the Launch of its Developer Community

By January 27, 2022 3 min read


Today, I want to share something very special and close to my heart – the Turing Community!

At Turing, we believe that talent is everywhere, and we understand that opportunities are not. Our mission is to unleash the world’s untapped human potential and level the playing field for developers across the globe.

We already connect the world’s best software developers with the best U.S. companies. Today, we are launching a career-centric community dedicated to developers just like you to further our mission. 

Why should you join?

Imagine collaborating with thousands of developers who are on a journey just like yours, sharing insights and learning from them on a day-to-day basis. 

Now take that vision and 10x it.

Career growth 

The community is a dedicated space to help developers build their dream engineering careers. Here are a few things you can expect from the platform as a developer: 

Professional development

Get actionable career advice and top tips to manage your career stages. Add important technical skills, English communication, and soft skills to your toolkit. 


10x your network of peers. Get access to mentors and industry leaders from engineering and related fields.


Develop authentic relationships and co-learn with peers. Have a supportive community that always has your back!

Open to all developers

Turing’s developer community is an all-inclusive global forum. One can join the platform to hear from experts, learn, and build networks whether they’re actively working with a Turing customer or not. 

The community will bring together developers from across the world, prepare and connect them with the best opportunities, and support them with the transition to remote.

Built for developers, by developers

Every week, the community hosts several events across key developer geographies and interests. These events are run by Turing’s Community Managers, industry professionals, local community experts, and successfully matched Turing developers to share tips on how others can find professional success.

Developer sub-communities

The community encourages developers to connect and grow with various regional and international sub-communities. 

We have rapidly expanded our team and operations in various territories to support developers. Currently, we have tailored offerings for developers in the following sub-communities:

  • Asia Pacific (APAC) 

  • Europe Middle-East & Africa (EMEA) 

  • Latin American (LATAM) 

  • Women in Tech

Why do we want to do this?

It’s simple. 

We want to guide, inspire, accelerate, and support you at all stages of your engineering career. 

If you are looking to supercharge your professional growth, join our community today! Grow your skills and work alongside a talented peer network on a daily basis! 

Thousands of developers globally have already joined our community. 

Our current members are actively improving their job preparation and interview skills, polishing their ESL (English as a second language), communication, and leadership skills, learning how to be more productive in this remote-first world, and staying on top of the latest industry trends in the tech space.

What next?

Going forward, we plan on rapidly scaling our efforts in the community to help developers grow and succeed.

I cannot wait to hear about the breakthroughs you are making in science, technology, AI, healthcare, etc., with Turing and the community focused on eliminating barriers and providing you with the right support and opportunities. 

Are you still reading this? 

Turing.com Developer Community

Join our launch event!

Head on over to community.turing.com and help us build the most career-centric developer community in the world!

Everything is free and open to developers. We are excited for the road ahead and supporting many more developers in 2022 and beyond.

See you soon! Make sure to say hello and share your story with me when you see me around in the community!


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Turing.com Announces the Launch of its Developer Community
Article Name
Turing.com Announces the Launch of its Developer Community
The developer community is a dedicated space to help developers build their dream engineering careers. Read more to know what you can expect from the platform!


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