Turing.com review by Sam from United States: ‘It is a fantastic place’

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‘Turing Is a Fantastic Place to Be with a Lot of Really Cool People,’ Says Sam from the US!

By September 15, 2021 2 min read

This time in our Life at Turing series, we spoke to Sam from the United States about his experience at the company and got to know how remote work has helped him to be more productive.

There’s no doubt when you work with people from different countries, you get to learn so much about their culture and way of living. You grow rapidly with newer ideas. Diversity often makes us realize that we are so different, yet so similar. 

Sam’s Turing.com Review

“It is a fantastic place to be with a lot of really cool people to meet and exciting projects to be a part of,” Sam said while talking about his first reaction about Turing. 

One of the best things about joining Turing is that the company offers high-quality opportunities to remote workers from around the world. People at Turing get to work with the best engineering minds from the comfort of their homes and grow rapidly by working on full-time, long-term projects.

On being asked why he joined Turing, Sam said, “I joined Turing because I wanted an opportunity to work with a fast-growing company that is diverse, international and gave me the flexibility to work from anywhere.”

The work at Turing is both challenging and fun. The company rewards the best people with a compensation that far exceeds the salary level of their local economies. Turing actively encourages its employees to refer their talented friends to apply for Turing jobs.

“I would definitely recommend Turing to my friends. As I said, it is a place to get involved with a lot of fast and exciting projects that are having a real time impact,” Sam said.

Turing.com is committed to enriching the lives of its people while allowing them to work on long-term projects with top US software companies. To get a clearer understanding of how people at Turing love their jobs, we reach out to Turing employees from around the globe regularly to listen to their stories and experiences.

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Turing.com Review by Sam from the US: It’s a Fantastic Place
Article Name
Turing.com Review by Sam from the US: It’s a Fantastic Place
Turing is a great place to be with a lot of really cool people, says Sam from the United States in his Turing.com review.


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