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Mexico’s Emiliano Loves Working at Turing: ‘I Consider Myself to Be a Remote Work Advocate’

By August 31, 2021 2 min read

This time in our Life at Turing series, Mexico’s Emiliano reviews Turing.com and tells us how remote work is giving him the opportunity to enjoy life more.

Turing.com is committed to enriching the lives of its people while allowing them to work on long-term projects with top US software companies. To get a clearer understanding of how people at Turing love their jobs, we reach out to Turing employees from around the globe regularly to listen to their stories and experiences.

Emiliano’s Turing.com review:

People dream to work according to their convenience but sadly, they find themselves in this vicious cycle of a 9-5 job. When people work as per their preference, they are more productive and Turing understands this very well.

Talking about the best part about remote work, Emiliano said: “It feels really empowering to make the most of my time when I am not commuting.”

When asked why he joined Turing, Emiliano said, “I joined Turing because I am excited about the future of work. I consider myself to be a remote work advocate.”

Emiliano also shared his views on how remote work was helping talent all over the world to have the best jobs. He said it was now possible to offer people exciting job opportunities regardless of where they were born.

Opening about the team that he works with, Emiliano said: “My team has very clear goals that make me manage my time and distribute them throughout the day so that is pretty helpful to maintain the work-life balance.” 

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Turing.com Review by Mexico’s Emiliano: ‘I Love Remote Work’
Article Name
Turing.com Review by Mexico’s Emiliano: ‘I Love Remote Work’
Emiliano from Mexico reviews Turing.com, says remote work empowers him to make the most out of his time and live his best life.


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