Turing.com Women in Tech Week Announcement

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Turing Announces the Launch of Women in Tech Week

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Hello ladies,

As a woman in tech who has been in the industry for quite some time, the topic of diversity, equity, and inclusion is very important to me and everyone here at Turing. We believe that talent is everywhere, but we understand that opportunities are not. And hence, our mission is to unleash the world’s untapped human potential and level the playing field for women in tech across the globe.

According to a global software developer survey in 2021, female developers amounted to only five percent of all respondents. This figure shows that female software developers are significantly underrepresented in the tech field. 

What is the Turing.com #WomenInTechWeek, and why should you be a part of it?

Turing.com women in tech week announcement

Turing.com Women in Tech Week

Turing.com Community’s #WomenInTechWeek aims to deliver great value for women developers seeking inspiration, career advice, networking, and job opportunities. This free, four-day virtual event will bring together women developers and leaders worldwide between March 21-24, 2022.

The event will feature several sessions, including networking opportunities, career-centric talks, panel discussions, and interactive workshops led by engineering leaders like Vanessa Taiah, Co-founder, MindHub; Amanda Renteria, CEO, CodeOfAmerica; Xiaoyin Qu, Founder & CEO, Run The World; Janet Kramer, Chief Business Transformation Strategist & Industry Technology Leader, Microsoft; and Jonathan Siddharth, CEO, Turing to name a few. Most importantly, the event will include our new signature program, Jump Start, set to go live on March 24. 

What is Jump Start, and how can it help you?

Jump Start is designed to help you complete 80 percent of Turing’s vetting process. The program offers hands-on sessions on topics, including Turing tests and coding challenges, technical interviews, and resume improvement. Jump Start can help boost your chances of getting matched with full-time, long-term, remote US software jobs with competitive compensation, exciting problems to solve, and a talented peer network to scale up your career journey.  

Principles Turing.com swears by

At Turing, we are building the most career-centric developer community in the world with a keen focus on three principles. 

Principle One: Diversity 

A diverse workplace embraces people, regardless of gender, color, age, ethnicity, physical ability, sexual orientation, religious beliefs, and so on. Diversity in the workplace means the acceptance of people of all backgrounds. 

At Turing, we have employees from over 130 countries virtually coming together and collaborating on projects every day. And being a company that values diversity, we acknowledge the strengths, weaknesses, and differences of every developer, enabling them to make the most of their potential. 

Principle Two: Equity

Where there is equity, there is equal opportunity. Equity in a workplace ensures fair and dignified treatment for everyone. There’s transparency to cause and effect.

And thus, we focus on empowering women developers by leveling the playing field for every one of them, irrespective of their backgrounds. In other words, providing all developers with the same growth opportunities is what drives us.

Principle Three: Inclusion 

Inclusion in the workplace is vital for any company aiming to foster connection with and among employees. Developers positively engage with companies that have a strong sense of inclusivity. 

Therefore, we are devoted to building an inclusive community that nurtures a sense of belonging in developers—a community that enables developers to voice their opinions, participate in decision-making processes, and feel welcome and valued for their contributions to the company. 

Here’s what the ladies at Turing have to say about effectively navigating the world of software engineering as women: Watch the video. 

What are you the most excited for in the Turing Women in Tech Week?

To sum up

Turing.com women in tech week announcement

Turing.com Women in Tech Week

The Women in Tech Week aims to guide, inspire, accelerate, and support women through their engineering careers. 

Are you looking to supercharge your professional growth as a woman in tech? If yes, check out the event agenda and register for our event today

Everything is free and open to developers! Boost your skills and work alongside a talented peer network through this four-day multi-session event! We are excited for the road ahead and supporting many more women developers in 2022 and beyond.

Please reach out to community@turing.com for more details.


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Turing.com Announces the Launch of Women in Tech Week
Article Name
Turing.com Announces the Launch of Women in Tech Week
Turing.com announces the launch of Women in Tech Week, a four-day virtual event to guide, inspire, accelerate, & support women through their engineering careers


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