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The Future of Work is Remote

By October 2, 2019 5 min read

This article originally appeared on Turing’s page.

Working with Remote Engineers Made our Last Company Successful

Many of you know the Rover story. Vijay and I started our first company out of Stanford, raised venture capital, and took it all the way to a successful acquisition.

It had a secret.

The secret was our contrarian approach to hiring. When almost every engineering manager and VC in Silicon Valley preached the importance of everyone working from the same office, we took the unpopular stance that we would hire great people, regardless of where they worked from. We didn’t do this to make a point. It was absolutely necessary for us to look beyond Silicon Valley, to keep the quality bar high while keeping our costs low.


Silicon Valley has a growing talent shortage problem. Hiring top engineers locally is costly, and not scalable.

Turing was born from this insight. Turing lets you push a button and hire a pre-vetted engineer instantly from the global talent pool.


Turing makes scaling talent as effortless as scaling servers on AWS. It’s high quality talent on demand.


It is Hard to Scale an Engineering Team in Silicon Valley, Remote work is the key

With software eating the world, the demand for high-quality engineering talent has skyrocketed, and the local talent supply can no longer keep up. We hear about San Francisco’s housing and real estate problems, as well as visa/immigration issues regularly. Silicon Valley has hit human scaling limits, and it’s time to look beyond the valley for talent.

Employee retention data also paints a bleak picture. The average Silicon Valley engineer retains for 13 months. If you factor in the time to hire (~1–2 months), onboard (1–2 months), and handoff (0.5 months), you get about nine months of productive work. This is scary — and it’s a huge contributing factor to one in every ten startups failing in the first 12 months.


Remote work


Deploy the World’s Talent at the Touch of a Button

Turing was started with one goal in mind: solve the tech talent shortage problem. Turing rigorously screens engineering talent from all over the world. In addition to technical skills, the platform vets for communication skills and fit for remote work.

It’s pay-as-you-go with no minimum commitment. You only pay for the hours worked. We take care of hour tracking, payments, and all the complexities of working with remote contractors, so you don’t have to. You simply push a button and go.

The Turing platform also ensures managing your remote team is easy. Historically, managing remote engineers has been a frustrating experience. If you’ve worked with remote engineers before, you might remember late night calls, communication issues, a lack of cohesion with the rest of your team, and a general sense of unease that you’re managing them less effectively than your local/on-premises team.


Turing will make remote work a joyful experience.


We start by ensuring there is adequate time zone overlap with the rest of your team. You need specific management processes to maximize productivity. Turing enforces these remote management best practices natively on the platform. Turing uses AI to assess ongoing developer productivity by building deep developer profiles based on actual work done. The AI analyzes data from code, Asana, Slack, email and various other communication platforms to ensure high quality of work.


Deep learning has opened a world of possibilities. We are working on automatically assessing developer skill based on actual work done, by building deep developer profiles. These are detailed, comprehensive and continuously updated. This helps with deeper matching and offering personalized career growth recommendations to engineers.

— Vijay Krishnan, CTO


Through a combination of automation, AI, and remote-native product design, Turing will make remote work a joyful experience for managers and their reports.

Remote work: Talent is Universal, Opportunity is not

There is incredible engineering talent all over the world. Where you live should not have any bearing on where you work. We want to ensure the world doesn’t miss out on the potential of talented individuals, just because they were born in the wrong zip code. We find the Lost Einsteins of the world and give them what they desire more than anything else — opportunity.

The opportunity to participate in Silicon Valley, and change the world.

Despite growing up nearly 9000 miles from Silicon Valley, my co-founder Vijay and I had an opportunity to contribute to the Tech industry, because we met at Stanford and lived in the heart of the Valley. We envision a future where, thanks to platforms like Turing, the next generation of makers can change the world without needing to move to Silicon Valley.


Remote work

Remote Work is the Future

To hire world class talent, you have to look at the entire world when growing your team. With collaboration tools rapidly improving it’s easier than ever before to run a company as a combination of local and remote engineers. Slack, Asana, Trello, Jira, Blue Jeans and smartphones have made possible today what would have been inefficient or infeasible a decade ago.

We believe there is a new way to build companies: have a smaller local engineering team, and amplify that with a distributed team of exceptional remote engineers.


We are designing the office of the future. A virtual work space that remote engineers love working from, in bits instead of atoms.

-Noa X, Head of Design

Many billion dollar companies rely heavily on remote/distributed teams. Fortune 500 companies also see the need to go remote.


We will Help you Change the World

Bold ideas change the world. You are working on something you are passionate about. Turing will help you change the world by making sure you have the right talent with you, at all times in your journey.


Turing has talent today. We are starting off with Frontend and Full Stack Engineers, and rapidly expanding to other software engineering roles, including iOS, Android, Backend, AI and Data Science.

Changing the world is hard — you have a million things to worry about. Now there’s one less thing.

We’re on a mission to help ambitious Founders, CTOs, and leaders succeed by giving them exceptional engineers from the global talent pool. How can we help you make your company or project successful? Let’s talk.


Remote work


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