Netflix, Facebook, GitLab, Basecamp, and Buffer Swear By These Workplace Values

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Netflix, Facebook, GitLab, Basecamp, and Buffer Swear By These Workplace Values

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A good work culture gives equal growth opportunity and voice to every employee. Daniel H. Pink, a renowned author, who has penned several books on workplace culture, says that employees are happier and more productive when they have autonomy, mastery, and purpose in their work. Successful tech companies across the globe have modeled their culture, keeping these principles in mind.

Let’s take a look at five such companies: 

Netflix: freedom and responsibility go hand-in-hand

Netflix has a unique engineering culture where every developer is accountable for what they write— they run their program and fix issues if any. As a company, Netflix is known for the freedom it gives its employees.

In addition to this, the online streaming platform has no policies on vacations or clothing. Employees take as much leave as they want; the company doesn’t keep track at all. 

Netflix hires people based upon nine values: Judgement, communication, impact, curiosity, innovation, courage, passion, honesty, and selflessness. It believes that when responsible people get freedom, they thrive on it, supporting a culture of creativity and self-discipline. 

GitLab: praise in public, criticize in private

GitLab follows a ‘dogfooding’ process. The employees at the company use their products to see whether they’re useful in real-life situations. What’s more, the company doesn’t overlook boring ideas when they come to the table. On the contrary, it cultivates boring ideas because it believes they result in easy maintenance. 

In addition to this, GitLab envisions a workplace where caring for others is a priority. As a result, the remote-first organization ensures that all employees share positive feedback publicly and relay negative feedback in the smallest setting possible. GitLab also believes in creating a culture of diversity, inclusion, and belonging where everyone can thrive. 

Facebook: adapt and improvise

Facebook believes in ‘releasing fast, failing fast, and learning fast.’ So, taking inspiration from Mao Zedong, the social media giant created a ‘Little Red Book’ that contains the core values that drive the company. For example, one page from the book reads: “If we don’t create a thing that kills Facebook, someone will.” And thus, the California-based company motivates its employees to be a part of their fast work culture, knowing that greatness and comfort cannot coexist.  

Another page from the book reads: “There is no point of having a 5-year plan in this industry. With each step forward, the landscape you’re walking in changes.” Subsequently, the organization believes in creating and working towards 6-month plans based on its vision for the next 30 years. 

Buffer: transparency is the key

Buffer is on a mission to thrive through transparency. All the insights related to revenue, salaries, code, etc., are open to the public on Buffer’s transparency page. One can also look at how its employees’ wages are calculated and give feedback for the same. Buffer even reveals how it spends its earnings. The company states that for every 10$ dollars you pay, just $0.46 is the actual profit. 

Apart from this, the organization is keen on celebrating diversity. It maintains a diversity dashboard that lays out all its employees according to their gender, ethnicity, language preferences, and much more.

In addition to these values, Buffer promotes positivity and self-improvement and encourages its employees to work smarter and not harder. 

Basecamp: work-life balance is essential

Basecamp bases its core values on excellence, experimentation, honesty, and kindness. The organization has less than 50 employees to reduce complexity and promote efficiency. In addition, it nurtures a culture of charity and encourages its employees to give back to the world.

One of the organization’s areas of focus is employee happiness and health. Supporting this concept, Basecamp has summer hours from May 1 to August 31, during which employees observe a 4-day work week from Monday till Thursday only. The company also provides a monthly fitness stipend, massage allowance, and a community-supported agriculture allowance encouraging employees to buy local produce. Similarly, it encourages its employees to have a maximum of 40-hours of work per week and 8-hours of sleep a night.

A strong work culture ensures that good talent is appreciated and retained in the workplace. Freedom, responsibility, transparency, employee well-being, and giving back are some of the significant pillars of the work cultures of some successful companies across the world. Taking inspiration from these values, organizations can build a culture that promotes organizational and employee growth. 

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Netflix, FB, GitLab, Basecamp, & Buffer Swear By These Values
Article Name
Netflix, FB, GitLab, Basecamp, & Buffer Swear By These Values
Freedom and transparency lead to greater employee engagement in software engineering teams. Tech companies have molded their work culture, keeping these values in mind


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