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Software Development: The Most Important Tech Job in the Future

By September 9, 2022 2 min read

According to a recent survey, software development is the most in-demand tech skill and is going to be the most important tech job in the future. 

Here are some key highlights from the survey:

  • Around 37 percent of tech workers and employers believed that software development is the most in-demand tech skill.
  • At the second position is the software engineer job role. Thirty-six percent of the responders in the survey believed that software engineering would be the second-most important tech job in the future.
  • Other important tech jobs in the survey are workplace manager, digital workplace program director, head of automation, remote control center supervisor, machine learning engineer, etc.   

What are the most in-demand software skills you should learn as a developer?

What is the most in-demand tech skill? What is the top IT skills in demand in 2022? You must be familiar with the following software and IT skills if you want to build a strong CV and get hired by top US companies:

  • Security

    Companies all around the globe have started emphasizing the importance of security for their software, especially after the Russia-Ukraine conflict. You should be familiar with data encryption, firewalls, ethical hacking, penetration testing, compliance regulations such as PCI-DSS, etc. You should be able to mitigate any risk and analyze any cyber threat affecting the company’s software and applications.
  • Programming

    Being a software developer, you should be able to program websites, web applications, and softwares. Some of the major programming languages currently in demand are React JS, JavaScript, TypeScript, Ruby on Rails, HTML, and CSS. Want to know in detail? Read about the top 5 front-end development jobs in demand.
  • Data Analysis

    Data analysis is one of the major skills that a software developer can have in order to be able to monitor the performance of their programs. It can help developers analyze bugs, security threats, and non-performance issues in their programs. Some major data analysis tools are SQL, Statistics, Python, etc.
  • DevOps

    As the name suggests, DevOps is when you combine Development with Operations. Having knowledge of DevOps can help software developers bridge the gap between the software development team and the IT teams. DevOps engineers should be well versed with:
    • Scripting languages such as Python, Ruby, C, etc
    • Docker or Kubernetes
    • Cloud management

Read this post to know more about why you should learn DevOps.

  • Cloud computing

    The future of storage and running websites, applications, etc. is cloud computing. A good software developer will be familiar with cloud computing and the major cloud platforms such as AWS, Google Cloud, Microsoft Azure, Oracle, etc.

    Read this blog post to know more about AWS certification.

Other key skills that a software developer should learn in 2022 are machine learning, system and networking skills, deep learning, etc.


Top US companies are hiring software developers and engineers to boost their software development and enhance productivity. With the talent shortage, companies are now going remote and looking for talent across the globe. 

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Software Developer Jobs: Most Important Tech Jobs in Future
Article Name
Software Developer Jobs: Most Important Tech Jobs in Future
Software developer and software engineer jobs are the most in-demand tech jobs in 2022. Read here to know which tech skills you should learn in 2022.


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