Meet the Sales Development Representative Team at Turing

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Meet the Sales Development Representative Team at Turing

By May 4, 2023 4 min read

What it’s like to be a Sales Development Representative (SDR) at Turing?

Darshan Khemka answers!

Sales Development Representative (SDR) at Turing

Darshan Khemka: Sales Development Representative (SDR) at Turing

Kehmka recalls when his recruiter called to extend an offer to join Turing. “I still remember I was on tour to South India while interviewing with Turing in August 2022. The remote first workplace was something I was looking to join to keep up with my love for traveling. Then I realized this is the opportunity I have always been waiting for…let’s just go with it. So this was my ‘I saw the opportunity and I took it’ moment. My tour continued till October 2022; Turing’s remote first policy and work culture has always supported my passion while I worked full time.”

Now a Growth Specialist, Darshan’s work involves researching prospective clients, making cold calls, and generating meetings that can result in revenue for Turing. His day-to-day tasks include researching prospective customers, making calls, follow-ups, pipeline building, and tracking daily activities. Darshan is also involved in running the SMS Magic campaign. “I am loving working at Turing—processes here are extremely streamlined. You know, this is my third organization, and this is the first organization where there’s literally no micromanagement in sales, which is very, very rare, and a lot of freedom has been given to us,” he explains.

Darshan loves playing and watching football. He also loves traveling —it’s not uncommon for Darshan to explore new cities, and Turing provides him the flexibility to work from anywhere. 

“Wherever there’s the internet I can work whether it’s raining cats and dogs, snowing, or 50°C, I can always work,” he grins.

Summing up his experience as an SDR at Turing, he says “I’m enjoying those eight hours because I’m just working and I’m not being pestered or micromanaged by anyone. The team believes in collaborative efforts; everyone is there to support each other. About work—most of the youth will relate as well—people are hired to do a particular thing and then are asked to do 10+ additional tasks. Here at Turing, we are doing what we are hired to do, we are not piled up with unnecessary tasks. No interference, everything is good. I am loving it here at Turing.”

Here’s what Michael Oppong has to say about his journey in Turing!

Sales Development Representative (SDR) at Turing

Michael Oppong: Sales Development Representative (SDR) at Turing

Michael Oppong is a Sales Development Representative at Turing. He joined Turing almost a year back, and his experience has been full of learning and growth since then.

A large part of what sold Michael on Turing is its feedback culture.  He values that the organization constantly welcomes feedback – no matter when it takes place.  During the SDR interview process, Michael interviewed with Senior Growth Manager Anurag Gupta, and Anurag wanted to share with Michael what he should highlight in his background for subsequent interviews.  

“Even during my interview process Anurag shared feedback with me, guided me on things to prepare so I can perform to my full potential in the next rounds, and took the time to educate me about the team and their goals. I thought someone who has not even hired me but is very much interested in sharing his knowledge with me must be a great person to work with and a great place to explore my potential,” he remembers. 

In his own words, what keeps Michael going is his empathetic and supportive team. “For me, I like everything about Turing, but particularly I really like having one-on-one conversations with my direct manager Arun because his feedback and inputs have helped me a lot in improving myself as an SDR.”

According to Michael, this feedback helps him take corrective action over mistakes and stay aligned with what’s expected of him. 

“Apart from work, we also have virtual hangout sessions,” Michael continues. “On Friday we all gather on a Zoom call with drinks in hand and talk about random stuff apart from work like what’s happening around the world and everyone’s interests/hobbies. It’s super fun.”

In addition to having a strong team, Michael finds Turing’s workplace to be a significant factor that attracted him to the company. “What I love the most is the work environment. It is very empowering, and everyone helps each other grow. There is a sense of collectivism that Turing encourages, and one thing I would like to point out is the respect that everyone offers. I remember when I got my first client meeting cracked and the way everyone appreciated—it was such a confidence boost for me!” 

Sharing what he loves to do outside of work hours,  Michael says “… I would probably be watching a show or a series or playing football which is a great passion of mine. I also love the flexibility Turing offers which helps me enjoy my time with my family and do things I am most passionate about.”

Summing up his experience as an SDR at Turing, Michael says that Turing has been his dream company to work for. “I live in Ghana. Turing is one of the prominent organizations here—you can see Turing all over the place, on Linkedin, Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter. It has its place. When I got an invite to apply for the Sales Development Representative role, I got really excited. It was truly memorable for me. Probably one of the happiest days ever!” 

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Meet Turing’s Sales Development Representatives Team
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Meet Turing’s Sales Development Representatives Team
What is it like to be a Sales Development Representative (SDR) at Turing? Well, you get flexibility, freedom, and excellent culture, say the people on the job!

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