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Nine Smart Questions Remote Software Developers Should Ask Recruiters

By February 21, 2022 5 min read

“Are there any questions you’d like to ask me?” This is a question every hiring manager asks while wrapping up an interview. Competent remote software developers understand that asking thoughtful questions here is an excellent way to set themselves apart from the crowd of candidates.

The questions you choose to ask can potentially change the entire dynamic of the interview and even alter the interviewer’s perception of you. 

You should have at least a handful of questions prepared before the interview so that if the interviewer has already answered a couple of questions during the interview, you still have a few more in the bank. 

We’ve listed nine intelligent questions you can choose from to gain a better sense of the company and your role and end the interview with a lasting impression.

Let’s dive in!

  1. What software development process does the company use?

    There are four types of software development processes businesses prefer to work with: Scrum, Agile, Waterfall, and Hybrid. To gain an insight into what the job would be like, it’s crucial to understand the details of the kind of software development methods and practices the company has in place. Here are a few aspects remote software developers should inquire about:

     – Code review. How does the development team review the code, and who is responsible for it? How is feedback provided to the remote software developers, and what kind of feedback can you expect?

     – Code changes and testing. Is there a process to test the code locally? How long does it take for a code in the repository to get implemented in the product?

     – Deployment. How often does the deployment process take place? 

     – Process change. Is the software development process subject to change? Has it changed in the past year? What kind of challenges do remote software developers face with the current process?

    These questions will help remote software developers understand the company’s engineering culture and the effectiveness of the processes they have in place.
  2. What does the day-to-day of this job role look like?
    remote software developers

    Programmer working in a software develop company office

    This question will give remote software developers a sense of what the position entails beyond the boilerplate job description and help them decide whether it’s right for them. It’ll also give developers an idea about what the company expects from them and make it easier for them to transition into the role.

    Would you be expected to attend a lot of meetings? How often would you have to report to your manager? Would you be working closely with other departments? Asking these questions will help remote software developers determine how they would spend most of their time.

  3. How quickly do you want to fill the position?
    This question will tell remote software developers what they can expect after the interview. The pace of the company’s hiring process will define how quickly developers can expect an offer after their interview. 

    Furthermore, this question will help remote software developers estimate how long they should wait before following up on their application or moving on to another opportunity.

  4. Beyond core technical skills, what soft skills will serve the organization and job role best?

    Businesses hiring remote software developers look for more than just the ability to write code. While a few qualities
    set an exceptional developer apart from the crowd, the recruiter can let you know the characteristics that their organization values above all else.

    You can choose to ask this question when you share your application so that you can structure your interview answers (maybe even your cover letter) to suit the company’s ideal candidate persona.

  5. What are some challenges I might face in this role?

    This question will help remote software developers gain insider knowledge about the job position and show the recruiter that the candidate is committed to working and overcoming challenges. 

  6. How does the organization measure success?
    remote software developers

    Programmer consulting with manager

    This question shows the hiring manager that the developer holds themselves accountable for their actions and is willing to work hard to achieve their goals. Ask about the metrics that the organization monitors and which metrics they prioritize over others. 

    However, this question doesn’t have to be limited to the job role. You can also ask how the management measures success for the development team and the organization as a whole. Again, inquire about the metrics they track in this scenario.

    Do they prioritize the speed of the development process, or maybe the number of features that the development team rolls out? While these can be good metrics to monitor, they don’t consider the quality of the code or the end-user experience.

    Another good metric to track is the defect escape rate — identifies the number of issues when the product has made it to the production stage. If the company prioritizes metrics like these, it shows what the management and leadership team value.

  7. Could you provide some background about the department or team with which I’d be working?

    This question gives remote software developers an idea about the company structure and the team’s dynamic. They will have more insight into their role and their potential co-workers. 

    To get a clear picture of the team’s composition, you can ask something like —
    How big is the software development team, how is it structured?  If the company has a huge development team, then it’s likely that your job role will be more specialized. Your responsibilities will probably be more versatile if the team is relatively small.

  8. Can you describe the company culture?

    A company’s work culture and values are critical factors that remote software developers need to consider while deciding whether or not the company is a good fit for them. It has a massive impact on different aspects of a developer’s workday. 

    Ask the interviewer to give you a more personalized answer instead of simply repeating what’s on the company’s website or handbook. How does the company work towards inculcating these values in their day-to-day activities? Access the company’s work environment with this question and learn what benefits you can expect from the organization.

  9. What are you most excited about the company’s future?

    A question like this shows recruiters that you’re looking for a long-term association with the company. By understanding the organization’s vision for the future, you can determine how your job role can help achieve that vision. 

Final thoughts

These questions are an excellent starting point for remote software developers to determine whether or not a company is right for them. 

You need to gather as much information as you can before you decide to pursue an opportunity that an organization offers you.

While moving on to a new company can be a scary process, it’s the best way to advance your professional career. However, finding good remote job opportunities for big firms can be challenging.

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9 Questions Remote Software Developers Should Ask Recruiters
Article Name
9 Questions Remote Software Developers Should Ask Recruiters
This blog post lists smart questions remote software developers can ask to gain a better sense of the company and end the interview with a lasting impression.


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