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Five Qualities of Successful Remote Software Developers

By February 11, 2022 4 min read

What sets apart great programmers?

Good programmers can write code that can run without errors. 

However, simply writing good code doesn’t make a software programmer successful. It’s not just about being an expert at a language or having a specific educational background. 

While understanding code is the first step of success for remote software developers, there’s much more to becoming a great programmer.

In this post, we’ll share five qualities that will help you become a great programmer and skyrocket your remote software development career. 

Great programmers have a positive attitude towards work.

Compared to the traditional work model, remote work comes with many benefits. The most significant advantage is the flexibility to work from anywhere at their preferred time. 

However, with this added advantage comes greater responsibility.

A great programmer has a dedicated work ethic that aligns flawlessly with the team’s workflow. They are optimistic about their work and appreciate their fellow team members.

Great programmers don’t need constant supervision. They have the skills and the right mindset to get their tasks done within the timeframe. 

You have to instill the confidence within your superiors to trust you with more than just your tasks. 

For example, if you find a bug within a product, don’t just solve the immediate problem and move on. Instead, take a step back and analyze it from all angles. Where did the bug originate? What could have caused it? Did it affect any other functionalities of the software? How long has it been present? What impact does it have on the project?

Skilled remote software developers can use the most seemingly harmless problems to gain essential insights into a project’s fundamentals by taking an analytical approach.

Great programmers have excellent communication skills. 

great programmers communication

Effecient Communication

Efficient communication is one of the most crucial qualities of a skilled software engineer. It helps them establish themselves as valuable team players and become an integral part of highly functional remote workforces.

In a remote-first world, companies expect developers to communicate directly with the clients. Essentially, if the software developer is the one who can help solve the client’s issue with technology, it’s wiser to let the developer communicate directly with the client.

With this approach, remote software developers need to be capable of explaining technical concepts in a practical and relatable manner to non-technical people. 

Great programmers understand that effective communication establishes them as reliable sources of information in the company.

Time management.

Great programmers understand that software development involves technical and creative thinking. The process can include a lot of variables and complicated dependencies. 

Solving technical problems, thinking for creative solutions, or learning new information takes time. Therefore, effectively organizing your time to produce quality work is one of the most crucial qualities of a professional software engineer. 

Here are a few time management tips that remote software developers can use to become great programmers:

  1. Create a plan. Whether undertaking a complex project or simply starting your day, have a plan.
  2. Prioritize important tasks. Finish your most challenging tasks at the beginning of your day and save the simpler ones later. 
  3. Break it into smaller chunks. If you have a large, complicated project, divide it into smaller tasks. This practice will make the project seem less exhausting and much more manageable.
  4. Delegate. If you think someone is more qualified to finish a task, delegate it to that person. Also, make sure your team members can rely on you for your expertise. 
  5. Disruptive periods. It’s usual to find yourself checking your email or slack every half hour (or even more frequently) when you’re supposed to be finishing up a task. While distractions are inevitable, you can manage your time better by planning disruptive periods when you can check your emails. 
  6. Avoid multitasking. While many people pride themselves on their ability to multitask, it’s not always as good as they think. Shifting your mind from one task to another takes you at least 15 minutes to re-focus on the task at hand. So when you constantly move your focus from one task to another, it’ll probably take much more time to complete your work. 
  7. Self-discipline. Whether it’s time management or learning new skills, becoming a great programmer requires self-discipline. Therefore, if you create a system, try your best to stick to it. 

Great programmers are open to feedback.

Great programmers leverage feedback from clients and fellow remote software developers to gain an in-depth insight into improving their performance. 

Building a friendly environment where you welcome constructive feedback is critical to improving your technical and soft skills. 

On the other hand, it’s equally essential to be proactive about sharing your feedback with your team. Keep in mind that the goal is to challenge your team members to be better remote developers.

Connect with developers in a community. 

developer community

Remote developer community

Developer communities are an excellent way to connect with other remote software developers. They provide programmers with a platform to solve problems, create learning opportunities, and build a network. 

Great programmers always keep track of technological trends and have the habit of learning new things that help them grow. 

Therefore, it’s vital to find a developer community that can guide you to become a successful remote software developer. By providing you with access to like-minded people, you gain a support system that can help you focus on upskilling and growing your career.

Turing developer community allows remote software developers to share their experiences, expand their skill sets, and help each other build their dream careers. It’s a free and diverse platform that can help developers worldwide advance their developer journey with tech and soft skills training, career development workshops, and meetups. 

To sum up: What are the attributes of great remote software developers?

Working as a remote software developer is a rewarding career choice. However, you need to constantly challenge yourself to become a successful remote developer. 

To become a great programmer in a remote-first world, you have to stay on top of your technical skills and develop the qualities we’ve discussed in this post. 

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Five Common Qualities of Great Programmers
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Five Common Qualities of Great Programmers
Learn about five qualities that will help developers become great programmers and skyrocket their remote software development careers.


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