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OpenJS Acquires Node.js Trademarks: What Does This Mean for Contributors?

By February 18, 2022 3 min read

Open JS Foundation has recently acquired Node.js trademarks from Joyent. 

Joyent, which had previously developed the popular JavaScript runtime, believes transferring trademarks to a neutral center will make it easier for the open-source community to integrate projects. 

The Technical Steering Committee of Node.js responded to the news: “It’s amazing to see the Node.js trademarks transfer to the OpenJS Foundation. We’re happy to see the Foundation’s dream come true. The Node.js project at the OpenJS Foundation will have several advantages, including trademarks, legal support, and protecting the work of the broad range of collaborators.”

What is the OpenJS Foundation?

The OpenJS Foundation heavily contributes towards the growth of the JS ecosystem. It hosts and sustains projects as a neutral organization for the development of the community. The OpenJS Foundation consists of 38 open-source JavaScript projects such as Appium, jQuery, Webpack, Node.js, and 30 end-user members such as Intel, Microsoft, IBM, and Google. The cross-functional ecosystem of JavaScript makes it necessary to have a central hub to access and maintain the projects with increasing shared value. 

“Joyent is an established member of the OpenJS Foundation. The collaboration ensures developers can still rely on Node.js and build high-quality solutions and products. The OpenJS Foundation is a good home for the Node.js trademarks.” said Head of Commercial Group, Joyent, Sean Johnson. He is also the OpenJS Board Platinum Director. 

The OpenJS Foundation will be in charge of trademark maintenance after the transition from Joyent, as announced on February 14, 2022. President & COO Joyent, Sung Whan Moon, is hopeful that Node.js moving into its second decade will benefit from trademark restrictions and contribute towards higher economic growth. 


The open-source community will benefit from the transfer of trademarks

“Joyent has believed in the power of open source to create opportunities for developers and businesses, and it’s gratifying to see how Node.js underpins the economic growth for so many,” said Sung Whan Moon. 

He added: “The OpenJS Foundation is the right place to house owners of the Node.js trademarks. As Node.js moves into its second decade, having the trademarks in a neutral home, but with the ability to enact trademark restrictions if needed, fully ensures the integrity of the project.”

What is the Node.js trademark, and will this acquisition impact contributors? 

Trademarks are essential for protecting and adopting an open-source project because they identify a specific code source. The Foundation ensures that the OpenJS trademark policy is flexible and easy to understand. Further, it keeps the product or service quality checked using Node.js or other OpenJS projects. 

The OpenJS Foundation has taken over ownership, maintenance, and management of the Node.js trademarks from Joyent. The trademark usage regulations for Node.js will now be compatible with the trademark usage rules for all other OpenJS Foundation products. 

For contributors, there will be no change or impact on their projects. Instead of Joyent, OpenJS Foundation will now be responsible for maintaining the Node.js trademarks. The transfer of trademarks will benefit the open-source community in the long run. 

Final thoughts

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OpenJS Acquires Node.js Trademarks: What Does This Entail?
Article Name
OpenJS Acquires Node.js Trademarks: What Does This Entail?
The recent acquisition of the Node.js trademarks will benefit the open-source community. Find out how this acquisition will affect the Node.js community.


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