10 JavaScript Mapping Libraries

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10 JavaScript Mapping Libraries to Create Interactive Maps

By September 28, 2022 4 min read

What are JavaScript mapping libraries? Do JavaScript libraries allow you to build maps? How can you create interactive JavaScript maps? What is Maps JavaScript API? 

This blog post will help you answer all these questions. Let’s dive in.

What are JavaScript mapping libraries?

JavaScript mapping libraries can integrate maps on your website and mobile applications to help users find your business. Developers can choose from a wide range of JavaScript mapping libraries to create custom maps. Also, JavaScript libraries allow developers to add widgets and features that complement the website design and theme.

Let’s look at some popular JavaScript libraries. 

  1. Openlayers

    Openlayers is an open-source JavaScript library that offers various source map layers and several map services. You can choose different types of layers like vector layer and tiled layer, among others. Also, you can select different CSS styles to design the look of your map.

    Open layers offer rich documentation, live demos, and code samples to facilitate easy learning. Also, you can render vector data from geographic data formats like TopoJSON, GeoJSON, KML, and GML, among others.
  2. Google Maps API

    Google Maps is the most popular mapping platform in the world. Users can check the time to reach your business and the traffic on the route and learn about nearby locations.

    To integrate Google Maps with your website or application, you can use JavaScript API. Also, if your business uses WordPress, you can add interactive JavaScript maps using the Google Maps plugin.

    Among popular JavaScript mapping libraries is Google Maps

    Google Maps API allows you to seamlessly integrate maps in your website.

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  3. Leaflet

    Developers prefer Leaflet over other JavaScript libraries to add maps to mobile applications. JS library leaflet is small, loads quickly, and offers a wide range of features that work across all browsers and platforms.

    Popular companies that use Leaflet include Flickr, Facebook, Etsy, and GitHub. Also, Leaflet provides detailed documentation and an extensive community that offers learning examples and technical support.
  4. Mapbox

    Mapbox offers a wide range of features like custom markers, textures, vector tiles, geocoding, satellite images, and static maps, among others. Mapbox allows you to style interactive JavaScript maps with a unique set of tools and gives you full control over background maps. Also, Mapbox offers Mapbox editor, an exclusive tool that allows you to create custom maps.

    Mapbox supports data formats that include GeoJSON, KML, GPX, and CSV, among others.
  5. jHERE

    jHERE uses HERE maps at the data source for creating map visualizations and designs. Similar to other JavaScript libraries, jHERE relies on dependencies like jQuery and ZeptoJS.

    jHERE offers extensions to add new functionalities like custom shapes and markers to create interactive JavaScript maps that complement the website and application design.
  6. Kartograph

    Katrograph is a lightweight JavaScript library that uses Kartograph SVG maps to offer mapping services. Built on top of jQuery and Raphael, Kartograph uses the Katro.py utility to generate maps.

    Kartograph utilizes jQuery for DOM manipulation, data handling, and CSS animation among other things. Also, Kartograph uses Raphael for drawing. Additionally, Kartograph offers library documentation and API references to run projects smoothly.
  7. DataMaps

    Among other flexible JavaScript mapping libraries, DataMaps is quite diverse as it works on both small and large applications. DataMaps’s features include high resolutions, multiple colorways, and orthographic projections.

    Data Maps provides flawless documentation to build interactive JavaScript maps. Also, you can use browser and plugin testing for Data Maps.
  8. jVectorMap

    Among JavaScript mapping libraries, jVectorMap can build maps for different screen sizes and browsers. jVectorMap creates interactive JavaScript maps that have a vector nature to facilitate screen adaptability.

    jVectorMap offers a converter that helps you create a custom version of predefined map designs. Other features of jVectorMap include hover support, label display, ISO 3166 standard compliance, and data visualization.
    Among leading JavaScript mapping libraries jVectorMap is a popular choice

    jVectorMap is a screen adaptable JavaScript library

  9. CesiumJS

    In comparison to other JavaScript libraries, CesiumJS allows you to create 3D maps. CesiumJS provides unique tools to preview 3D demos of interactive JavaScript maps.

    Key features of CesiumJS include terrain layers, 3D tiles, 3D imagery, 3D layers, and visual tours. Also, you can use excellent documentation and detailed tutorials to learn CesiumJS.
  10. jQuery Mapael

    jQuery Mapael allows you to build maps that have plottable cities with SVG paths based on latitude and longitude. The SEO-friendly feature is one of the highlights of jQuery Mapael. The SEO feature enables web crawlers to crawl your map in both JS and non-JS format.

    With this JavaScript library, you can resize maps, link cities, set colors, add plotted points and visualize data. Other features of jQuery Mapael include tooltips, event addition, href setting, shapes, and custom images.

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JavaScript mapping libraries are essential for adding maps to your mobile application and website. Developers must choose a JavaScript library that seamlessly works with the existing software engine or platform. 

Are you familiar with JavaScript libraries?

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  1. Do JavaScript libraries allow you to build maps?
    Yes, JavaScript libraries can help you integrate maps into your website and mobile application by providing pre-written code and design templates.

  2. How can you create interactive JavaScript maps?
    To create interactive JavaScript maps, add pre-written code in HTML, CSS, and JS formats. Later, style the map using different features that JavaScript mapping libraries offer.

  3. What is Maps JavaScript API?
    Maps JavaScript API consists of a set of programming interfaces that help you create interactive JavaScript Maps by using different features. 

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10 JavaScript Mapping Libraries to Create Interactive Maps
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10 JavaScript Mapping Libraries to Create Interactive Maps
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